Learn to Change the Future

As a notable learning organization, Siam University is focused on highly regarded education for its students and faculty, with a prominent emphasis on cutting-edge technology and research, a professional attitude, and superior performance in accordance with the requirements of the modern world of work in today’s innovation of globalization and within the ASEAN community.  In such operations, Siam University also promotes Asian wisdom and culture in collaboration with a vast social network and various work sectors which are closely related.

To endow a clear understanding and acceptance of the broad working environment and provide a definitive grounding of responsibility in the idea of a variety of cultures, ethics, and life-long learning skills.



To Provide Highly Educated Globalized Graduates into Today’s Workforce

Siam University, recognized as one of the leading universities in the ASEAN region, directs focus on the pursuit of knowledge and using ground-breaking research and training methods to create professionals and build associations with local and international leaders in the diversity of global industrial and commercial standards of the future world markets.



  • Graduates are to be skilled professionally with emphasis on diverse work integration for excellence with modern global perspectives.
  • Empower and prepare students to become significant leaders and operators in international environments.
  • Utilize cutting-edge research and innovative methods to preserve academic advancement and infinite wisdom as an unwavering effort to achieve virtue among the ASEAN community and other world markets.
  • Maintaining Asian ethnics and preservation of individuality among nations along with clear understanding and recognition of its cultural diversity.


North America

North America

Europe & Africa

Europe and Africa Memorandum of Understanding

Asia & Pacific

Asia and Pacific MOU


Why Choose Siam University

Pillars of Siam University

Siam University is grounded upon three pillars under our motto ‘Wisdom for the Future.’  Employability, Diversity, and Sustainability are very important for the future of our graduates and our main focus is to provide the proper knowledge and experience to them for their success.


@ S  =  Smart

@ I  =  Independent

@ A  =  Active

@ M  =  Modern Multicultural

International Workforce

Siam University has inserted of 20,000+ students into the local and international workforce.  Through cooperative educational training, internships, and assistance of many of our faculty and staff, these students have been a success at improving the global markets and making a difference in their communities.

Facts about Siam University

Top Five Private Institution of Thailand

Top Third Private Institution with Top International Students (500+ foreign students)

Top Faculty member’s with great career accomplishment and Research work

Quality Assurance rank One of Excellent University

First program in Thailand offers MAPD (Master of Arts in Peace Studies and Diplomacy)

2012 Thailand’s Best Co-Op Institute

Establishment of Thailand’s Business University Forum

2012 Employment Rate = 90.00 %

University Business Incubator (UBI)

International Programs

In our International Department we have programs that use a medium of English Language:

International Bachelor’s in Business Administration (IBBA)

International Bachelor’s in Industry Management (IBAIM)

International Master’s in Business Administration (IMBA)

Master’s in Peace Studies and Diplomacy (MAPD)

PhD in Information Technology (PhDIT)

International Bachelor’s in IT (COMING SOON)

Competitive Pricing

Studying at SIAM is financially attractive as tuition fees are very competitive and the cost of living in Thailand is more affordable than most other destinations of comparable living standards. That is some good value for your money, which makes this a worthwhile learning experience. Many students choose to do part of their studies here before moving on to continue their graduate studies in leading institutions of the US and Europe.

Recent News

More News

Thai Cooking Lessons for International Students

Thai Cooking class hosted by the Hotel & Tourism Thai Program   On 6 December, the Thai Hotel & Tourism department hosted a cooking lesson for the international exchange students of Siam University.  They set up a 3 hour course to show how to prepare and cook some of Thailand’s delicious foods instructed by professors […]

Open House 2017 at Siam University

Learn to Change the Future 5.0  – Open House at Siam University 28 – 30 November 2017   To close the year with a positive impact, Siam University held a successful Open House for 2017, under the theme of  Learn to Change the Future 5.0 – Siam University.  The event opened with a formal ceremony commemorating […]

15th International IEEE ICT and Knowledge Engineering Conference

ICT Knowledge Conference hosted by Siam University   The 15th International Conference on ICT & Knowledge Engineering (ICT & KE 2017) was held at Siam University (Bangkok, Thailand) during the days 22-24 November 2017. The conference was jointly organized by Asia and Pacific Distance Multimedia Education Network (APDMEN), the Computer Association of Thailand under the […]


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