Book Store

Book Store

The book shop is an excellent example of state of art facility provided by Siam University for its current and potential students. It’s the only bookstore that is available for all the students enrolled in the university and outsiders as well living in the nearby areas to provide them the academic and non-academic resources on the past and contemporary issues with extra supportive items. The bookstore has all kinds of materials that can enhance and improve the knowledge for students studying in Siam University. It also provides the books that are mandatory for some faculty students to get their subjects passed at Siam University. This store also sells the famous magazines like The economist and The Forbes.

The store also sells linguistic books mainly for those students who would like to improve their English language. It also includes Fiction books like famous novels sense and sensibility and headway. It also sells inspirational books like “I am Malala”.

The books store is fully equipped with all kinds of extra items that can support and help students to get their work done. The book store is widely famous among the students for its updated book lists and the customized items that are sold with the “Siam University Logo”. Some of the customized items are T-shirts, Bags, Umbrellas, Badges and Pens.

The book store has female Thai staff mainly that can speak fluent English in order to facilitate international students and it is because Siam University accommodates a larger pie of international students in Bangkok.

The bookshop is located at the very strategic position in the university in front of true coffee shop.

The shop mainly keeps following items:

  1. Books for all faculties
  2. Stationary
  3. Magazines related with formal and informal topics
  4. Customized university items
  5. Electronic gadgets
  6. Bags and purses
  7. Formal and informal eye glasses

The shop also plays a role of third party and provides books to the students while showing their payment receipt and conformation from relevant department. This facility is more or less restricted to some departments only like MBA department.

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