Siam University Department of Communication Art

Siam University Department of Communication Art

The department of communication Art, Siam University organized an event in other to increase awareness of the importance of communication and social media in the society. Exposition through social media which communication Art had availed its opportunity is important in the learning and awareness process of the society.

The department of communication Art Siam University had organized this session to enlighten its students on the roles of the communication Art in dissemination of information.

The media is an important aspect of the leadership and governance of the society. The leaders lead effectively through establishing communication channels between them and their subjects. The subjects will also need communication to learn and be aware of the dos and don’ts of the society.

The modern form of communication; the television media, radio houses and social media platform has been beneficial to the society. Students of communication arts have had a lot to learn in terms of modern form of communication and its well-formed ethical standards.

However, Siam University prepares its students on the new formed ethics of the media. This is because, basically, any information giving out to the public has the potential to improve or mar the peaceful existence of the society. Students were also educated during the session organized within the department on the art of public speaking since anyone involved in the media is basically a public speaker.

News analysis of various social situations is also an aspect in communication art. However the students must be groomed to be critical thinkers and social reformers. Critical thinking will assist the practitioners of communication art to have in-depth analysis of social situations.

Social media or communication platforms do not give verdict on social situations; hence, Students are therefore encouraged to learn how to be fully conversant with giving accurate information to the public for the best interest of peace in the society. Any information incorrectly given may be inimical to disruption of peace and tranquility in the society.

Students who participated in some of this section have no doubt be alerted on the importance of information and the communication platform which they would be disseminated.