Student Life style at Siam University

Thailand is a tourist country, and Bangkok is at the center of the country, representing the Capital and the economy driven of Thailand. It’s a cosmopolitan city full of foreigners and it has a greater tolerance of cultures, religions, and ethnicity. Students in Thailand tend to engage in several activities in and outside the universities. Most of the exchange students who come to Thailand having opportunity to explore the beauty of Thailand. SIAM students are assured of a greater prospects in communicating, interacting, socializing, making new friends around the university, which can make their life experience in the University extraordinarily beautiful.

The student lifestyle at SIAM is in line with the city settings. The University offers a wide range of essential activities that are traditionally associated with college life patterns. Where, Students can choose the kind of life that favors them, and are eligible to form and join different fraternities, engage in students’ associations and different clubs.

Student lifestyle has been a major concern to better the life of the students in the universities, an atmosphere where, students are more likely to socialize and even get involved with the available activities provided by the university. Despite, the increase numbers of students who don’t attend classes and lectures due to one activity or the other carried outside of the university, which are detrimental to the success of students academic life. This is why, a good number of universities have gone too in seeking ways to create better lifestyles for students by establishing programs that will guide the students throughout the study period and also develop them in socializing with the world.



  1. Eligible to form different fraternities sponsored by the University.
  2. Eligible to organize trips or excursions sponsored by the University.
  3. Eligible to join a free musical class offered by the University.
  4. Eligible to join free research centers offered by the University.
  5. Eligible to form social and cultural events which can be sponsored by the University.
  6. Can Travel around Thailand with a little time off from studies.

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