School of Medicine Siam University

School of Medicine Siam University

School of Medicine is considered one of renowned Faculties in Siam University. The faculty had always been known for its excellence in academics thus, having the opportunity of producing some of the finest doctors in the society.

At this period, The University also takes part of the responsibilities in recreating cultural awareness in its Students. The faculty of Medicine had organized a cultural ceremony which was supposedly part of Songkran festival activities. These students re-discovered a new found joy in expressing their culture. In the future, they will be due to become new custodians of Thai culture.

At this level, it is important that these students be able maintain and practice their culture so as to ensure that it doesn’t go extinct in the future. Hence, they are always expected to be updating their knowledge on their culture and also participate actively in it. The ritual of pouring water in the hands of the elders was an activity that foreshadowed the famous Songkran festival. This ritual was called Rod Nam Dum Hua and was normally performed on the first day of Songkran festival.

The message here remains that young people are the future of the human race. They are expected to learn about their culture and socialize with the society in other to preserve and maintain those good cultural institutions previously established by the society. They were also expected to show respect to elders which was signified by the ritual of pouring of water on the palms of Elders.

The act of introducing cultural aspects into University System is a good one and should be maintained. It goes to show the intentions of Siam University administration in accommodating cultural education and awareness into its system.

It is very important for every system because it will go a long way in holistic training of individual personality. Wholeness in personality formation considers every aspect of human person in social, cultural and religious respects.

Hence, the concept of education must be holistic; one which will incorporate the above aspects. It is with this understanding, that Siam University has made several efforts in these areas to forge students who will become complete Persons with fully realized potentials in the future.

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