School of Nursing, Siam University

School of Nursing, Siam University

The desire to serve as health officials, coupled with urgent necessity of its service to the society has always been a driving factor for most Students who enroll into Nursing in Siam University. The Nursing department of Siam University had been operating since 1995. It has achieved various successful feats as it had graduated Nurses totaling about 2000 in number since its establishment.

The faculty of Nursing in Siam University is a popularly recognized institution for training of quality Nurses who work in various Thai health agencies. The University admits many students into this faculty every year.

Siam University has also been working in line with the requirements prescribed to it by the Thai Ministry of Higher Education and Thai Health Agency in its training of the Nurses.

It is no doubt that the University is working in conjunction with the new found urgent demands of the society for qualified health officials. However, more practical learning assistance has been employed by the administration to assist students in this field.

The Faculty of Nursing in Siam University had also from time to time availed students the opportunity to visit various hospitals in various Provinces. During one of these visits at Navamin Hospital, Bangkok, the hospital staffs had at this period, encouraged the students to embrace “culture competence” if they would succeed as good Nurses.

Culture competence is the ability to provide effective care for Patients who come from different cultures. It requires utmost sensitivity and effective communication with the patients.

Culture competence is an important attribute of Nurses who must consider that being culturally sensitive to their Patients is very important to gaining the trust and confidence of their Patients.

Nurses are therefore expected to be promoters of human dignity and respect in their various hospitals and wards. Most simple approaches like addressing Patients by their last name or addressing them according to how they would want to be addressed demonstrate respect for the Patients. This is important because Nurses are expected to have good relationship with their Patients.

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