Department of Pharmacy at Siam University

Department of Pharmacy at Siam University

Pharmacy has always been an interesting subject for Students and Practitioners in the field. However, but its importance was capitulated in the 21st century because of the apparent upsurge of many medical discoveries and the need to find cures for illnesses.

Department of pharmacy in Siam University had been designed to provide the students the best knowledge that will aid them to be independent researchers in the area of medicine and herbs. Pharmacy is the science and techniques of dispensing and, as well as preparing drugs. It deals with a lot of research to discover the medicine best suited for treating specific ailments.

Students who desire to work as professionals in this area should be properly trained to be effective in this area. Usually, those who administer medicine in the street drugstores are called chemists. There are however professional Pharmacists who administer drugs in the hospitals.

The students that learn in the field of Pharmacy would be expected to be brilliant in applying the knowledge gained from it to the medical field. The practice of pharmacy is a more traditional art of making and dispensing medications to sick people. They also assist in a great way in reviewing medication dosages for safety and efficacy.

The students of Pharmacy Siam University are given adequate training to apply their knowledge in the use of medicines in other to ensure optimal health outcomes. Of course, these Students are often very enthusiastic about learning to become Pharmacists.

The President of Siam University has visited this department from time to time and has expressed his satisfaction at the enthusiasm shown by Students of Pharmacy. During one of the visits of the President, the student showed their ability to communicate what they were taught effectively.

They are also giving opportunities to visit pharmaceutical companies to gain the experience of some experts about facts on drug research used to cure illnesses. They also learnt during these trips how to administer drugs and the dosage required for specific illnesses. This process is to ensure that students are well equipped both in the practical and theoretical aspects of drug research and administration.

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