Courses to take to fulfill Siam University’s course graduation requirements


The Course consists of:

General Courses: 11 Courses

The Core Courses: 14 Courses

Major Required Courses: 10 Courses

Major Elective Courses: 7 Courses

Free Elective Courses: 2 Courses

Total: 44 Courses for 132 Credits (1 course = 3 credits) 


Courses offered at Siam University:             

General Education (3 credits each subject)

117-100Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and Financial Literacy3
117-104Human Relations and Personality Development3
117-105ASEAN in the Modern World3
117-112Fundamentals of Philosophy and Religion3
117-113Psychology in Daily Life3
117-115Cross Cultural Communication3
117-121Basic Mathematical Principles3
117-123Life and Environment3
117-124Information Technology3
117-125Computer for Studies and Work3
117-132Physical Education and Recreation3


General Education Language Requirement (3 credits each subject) 

117-141English I3
117-142English II3
117-241English III3
117-242English IV3

Core Courses (3 credits each subject)

221-101Principles of Accounting I3
221-102Principles of Accounting II3
221-200Micro Economics3
221-201Macro Economics3
221-203Organization and Management3
221-204Business Finance3
221-205Principles of Marketing3
221-206Principles of Business Statistics3
221-300Managerial Accounting3
221-303Business Law3
221-305Production and Operations Management3
221-322Human Resource Management3
221-401Quantitative Analysis in Business3
221-402Strategic Management3

Major Required Courses (3 credits each subject)

221-311International Economics3
221-411International Finance3
221-412International Marketing3
221-413International Trade Operations3
221-414Management of International Business3
221-416Logistics and Supply Chain3
221-417Business, Social Responsibility and Service Learning3
221-418International Business Seminars3
221-419International Accounting and Taxation3
221-420Investment and Portfolio Management3

Major Elective Courses (3 credits each subject)

221-221Information System  and Application Development3
221-223Business Negotiations3
221-232Advertising and Promotion Management3
221-421Financial Management3
221-429Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management3
221-430Investment Banking3
221-433E-Business Finances3
221-438Seminar in Marketing3
221-441Brand Management3
221-449Marketing  Management3
221-491Preparation for Cooperative Education1
221-492Cooperative Education5

Free Elective Courses (3 credits each subject)

221-423Independent Project3
221-448Risk Management and Insurance3


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