Entrance Requirements

  • Applicants must have an M6 (grade 12) certificate or must have completed a vocational certificate or its equivalent as approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants must have good health, and must exhibit acceptable personal conduct.
  • Applicants must pass an entrance examination which will be given entirely in English in the following subjects:
    1. Mathematics
    2. English
  • Interview

Documents and Fees for Application

  1. original and photocopy of M6 certificate, high school diploma or its equivalent
  2. a copy of the Thai citizen identification card and household registration or copy of passport
  3. four 3×4 cm. color photographs
  4. application fee of 300 Baht
  5. tuition fee 1,400 Baht/credit

Intensive English Courses

The applicants who pass the entrance examination in English are not required to take intensive English classes.  For those who fail in the entrance examination, Siam University organizes two sixty-hour intensive courses in English.

For more information:

International Program Office

Room 2-107, 235 Petkasem Road, Phasicharoen, Bangkok 10163


Phone :(66) 2 867 8000 ext.5008, 5217

Fax : (66) 2 457 3982


Web site : Official IBBA Website