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Advising and counseling

Advising and counseling

In SIAM, a full-time advising and counseling faculty is assigned to every student for supports and to help them make the best of their academic experience through learning, debate, sports, and other academic activities.

The appointed advisors are mostly Deans and Assistant Professors who introduce and suggest study plans and activities to fit in with the specific needs of each student. They are also eligible to sign students’ request forms with authentic reasons onboard. The counseling faculty, sometimes, can be the game judges who are fully trained to carry and judge games on a professional level and are able to produce fair results.

SIAM is much more concerned in getting students involved, to comply with the advices and suggestions given to them by their advisors.

Below are the areas Advisors play major roles in assisting the Students.

  • Self-Assessments
  • Four-Year Plan (Excluding Pharmaceutical and Engineering students = Five-year plan)
  • Individual Appointments (Booking an appointment, especially office hours)
  • Repeating graduation rehearsal (Year-to-Year occasions)
  • Correspond with faculty about student classroom progress
  • Course selection
  • Assistance in course difficulty
  • Develop a problem-solving technique
  • Develop a structured process to assist students solve classroom problems
  • Encourage leadership and coordination amongst students
  • Motivate and encourage student cooperative studies