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Apply Qualification

There are two methods for admission at Siam University: [1] transfer from an accredited university or college (see Transfer Credit), or [2] by earning a passing grade on the Entrance Examination. The Entrance Examination is available prior to each academic term.


Applicants must possess:

  1. Grade 12 certificate or its equivalent certified by the Ministry of Education
  2. Clear record of good behavior (criminal record)
  3. Good physical health and mental health without any communicable diseases (exceptions may be made following the recommendation of a medical doctor)
  4. Having good behavior and good conduct
  5. Working knowledge of English and Mathematics
  6. Documents and fees for application for entrance examination
  7. A photocopy of the grade 12 Certificate or its equivalent
  8. Four 3/4 cm. photographs
  9. Application fees of 200 Baht
  10. Successfully passing the entrance examination

Siam University administers the entrance examination to determine the candidate’s proficiency if the following subjects:

  • English Comprehension
  • English Grammar

The candidates who are not able to demonstrate a working knowledge of English will be required to take one or more intensive English courses prior the beginning of their first semester. The candidates who successfully pass the Entrance Examination are not required to take intensive English prior to the beginning of their first semester.