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Nursing role in Health promotion Prevent NCDs


A sensitization Program was organized for Nursing Students of Siam University in other to discuss the role of the nurses in the prevention of Non-Communicable diseases and Health Promotion. This program is important in their profession because their experiences as nurses or even as student nurses should stand to educate them more about health issues. This sensitization Program highlights the ... Read More »

Auto Challenge Student Formula 2014


In 2014, The Siam University family hosted ‘the student formula’ event at the Siam sports center. This event was meant to showcase and as well as to compete on innovations and initiatives of students from various engineering departments of different Universities. The engineering departments in different universities participated in this event. It actually encouraged students to be innovative as visitors ... Read More »

Siam University Department of Communication Art


The department of communication Art, Siam University organized an event in other to increase awareness of the importance of communication and social media in the society. Exposition through social media which communication Art had availed its opportunity is important in the learning and awareness process of the society. The department of communication Art Siam University had organized this session to ... Read More »

Sports at Siam University


In November 2014, Siam University celebrated its sports day. This epic event was memorable as it showcased an array of various sports talents from the Students. The sports day was part of University curriculum of events for the year. Activities such as sporting events makes Siam University unique because its activities not only aims at achieving academic ends, it also ... Read More »

Medical School event at Siam University


The Faculty of Medicine, Siam University had been one of the most efficient in terms of teaching and practical aspects of classroom work amongst other Thai Universities. It is on this note that it has made giant strides in attracting a number of dignitaries within and outside its disciplines. On this occasion, Siam University had also welcomed the new Director ... Read More »

November 8th, 2014 Forum Session


On 8th November, 2014, Siam Business Administration department (MBA) held a forum on ASEAN integration. This forum was very necessary because it dealt on the realities of ASEAN integration and possible implementation of policies binding ASEAN countries. It was particularly important as 2015 marks the rebirth of ASEAN as a regional organization. The idea is to make ASEAN regions very ... Read More »

Defending Thesis Proposal at Siam University


The Master of Arts in Peace Studies and Diplomacy (MAPD) students of Siam University, Richard Lancester and Bright Onyekachi defending their Thesis Proposal oversaw by the thesis proposal committee members in persons of Prof. Dr. Likhit Dhiravegin, the Chairman of the committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tatree Nontasak, Dean of the MAPD program, Police Col. Dr. Chitphol Kanchanakit, the Adviser of ... Read More »

ESCAP Executive Secretary’s speech on “Financing for sustainability”

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Sustainability, Stability and Progressiveness are the three keys to unlock the shackles that surround societies and also lead to an interminable prosperity. Thus, a society that endeavors to prosper should seek ways to settle the areas to where it lags behind. Should a society be more concern about its political activities and power shuffles? Or should it be more concern ... Read More »

Game Day at Siam University

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Game Day Siam University 19th Building Read More »

Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Monkhonvanit & Adobe Thailand

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Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Monkhonvanit & Adobe Thailand The president of Siam University Dr. Pornchai Monkhonvanit had a meeting with the Adobe Thailand and The Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand (Apheit) in seeking ways to establish a mutual relationship with Private Universities and Adobe. Adobe has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software ... Read More »