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Bachelors of Hotel and Tourism


This student manual provides information on Siam University with a focus on the International Program Bachelor in Business Administration Hotel & Tourism (BBA-HTM).  The content published in this manual has been prepared with much care in order to provide information as accurate as possible.  Nevertheless Siam University state of affairs is changing constantly.  The University cannot be held responsible for content errors and omissions.  We ask all readers to verify the information here-contained with the relevant offices and authorities, as the latter have prevailing authority over the content of this manual. Kindly note that the class programs, facilities, and study fees are subject to changes.


The Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management at Siam University is a 4-year tertiary study international program. English is the instructional language. Our objectives are to increase students’ language proficiency; prepare students to pursue graduate studies in the field of Hospitality Management and Business Administration; and provide students with technical and management skills necessary for supervisory and management positions in the hospitality industry.

Title of the Curriculum

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management

Title of the Degree

Full English name: Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel and Tourism Management)

Abbreviated name: B.B.A. (Hotel and Tourism Management)