Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Program Prelude

Ideally, our international B.B.A. Program in Service Industry Management can be completed by studying full-time a four-year academic period. During the first two years of study, international students will fulfill their general education, information technology (IT), and language degree requirements. During the third and fourth years of study, international students complete their core coursework and electives as well as obtain professional work experience. In total, international students must complete 132 credits of coursework to graduate.

The goals of Business Administration Programs in Service Industry management

  • To maintain our unique international research, teaching mode for the success of our students;
  • To increase students’ language proficiency and communication skills;
  • Prepare students to pursue graduate studies in the field of Service Industry Management and Business Administration;
  • To train our students to become successful leaders in their various careers;
  • Our students have been successful in their respective careers. We aim to maintain that status to generate more successful alumni in this department;
  • To encourage discipline among students and to understand the services in hospitality management and;
  • Provide students with technical and management skills necessary for supervisory and management positions in the hospitality industry.