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Bachelors of International Business

The world of business keeps changing under the dynamics of globalization forcing administrators to do things in new ways.

Siam University’s International Bachelor of Business Administration (IBBA) program provides a solid foundation for students whose interests lie in the business world.  Our program provides impactful skills, knowledge, and steps necessary to succeed while competing in the global business environment. Students seeking a viable course of study in a complex world are sure to find our IBBA program the most valuable way of getting ahead.

For students who may be undecided about their future goals, our program aims to help each student discover business as a profession and to prepare each student for a career within the business profession.


  • Educate students to a level where they are destined to become good citizens of their country of origin or residence while complying with rules and regulations expected in a proper academic setting.
  • Train highly disciplined individuals that show discipline in and out of the university, at workplaces, public places even in their various homes.
  • Coach individuals to be productive employees and help them understand their future management roles in various organizations.
  • Support entrepreneurial thinking and educating students to be good decision makers and sound risk-takers in a world of vast economic opportunity.

SIAM University’s IBBA program promotes skills and abilities that guide students through their studies with real-life examples of business application and management roles.  Classtime is good first step, and additional practical experience furthers each student towards success. This is where the Siam University IBBA Program thrives. We make sure our students engage in real-life business situations to aid transition from the classroom to the boardroom.

For more information about the International Bachelor’s of Business Administration, please visit our official website at the below link:

IBBA Official Website