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Note: Please select the curriculum from the Academic Year in which you started (or will be starting) your studies. An Academic Year begins in August and ends in July of the following year.


The Course consists of:

General Courses: 15 Courses

The Core Courses: 15 Courses

Major Required Courses: 10 Courses

Major Elective Courses: 5 Courses

Free Elective Courses: 2 Courses

Total: 47 Courses                     

General Education (3 credits each subject)

GS.121 Introduction to Sociology

GS.123 Society & Law

GS.122 Society & Government

GS.111 Thai Civilization

GS.112 Fundamentals of Philosophy & Religion

GS.113 General Psychology

GS.104 Basic Mathematical Principle

IBS.101 Software Package and Internet in Business

IBS.200 Introduction to Computer

Major Elective Courses (Languages) (2 credits each subject)

EN.101 English I
EN.102 English II
EN.203 English III
EN.204 English IV
EN.305 English V
EN.306 English VI

CH.101 Chinese I
CH.102 Chinese II
CH.203 Chinese III
CH.204 Chinese IV
CH.305 Chinese V
CH.306 Chinese VI

JA.101 Japanese I

JA.102 Japanese II

JA.203 Japanese III

JA.204 Japanese IV

JA.305 Japanese V

JA.306 Japanese VI


Core Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBE.202 Macro Economics

IBM.202 Principles of Marketing

IBA.101 Accounting I

IBM.402 Business Policy

IBM.401 Quantitative Analysis in Business

IBM.302 Production & Operations Management

IBL.309 Business Law 3 IBA.303 Managerial Accounting

IBS.301 Internet & Package Program in Business

IBM.209 Statistical Analysis in Business

IBM.203 Principles of Statistics

IBM.201 Organization & Management 3 IBE.201 Micro Economics

IBA.102 Accounting II

IBF.201 Business Finance


Major Required Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBE.303 International Economics

IBA.404 International Accounting & Taxation

IBL.404 International Trade Law
IBM.406 Comparative Management of Multinational Enterprise

IBM.412 International Trade Operations

IBM.411 International Marketing

IBM.407 Seminar on International Business

IBM.404 International Transportation of Goods

IBM.403 Management of International Business

IBF.401 International Finance & Banking


Major Elective Courses (3 credits each subject)

 IBM.205 Global Management Information System

IBM.208 International Business Research

IBM.307 Human Resource Management

IBM.309 Cross Cultural Management

IBE.304 International Monetary Economics

IBM.210 International Negotiation

IBF.403 International Portfolio Management

IBM.409 Contemporary International Business

IBM.410 Independent Project

IBF.405 Advanced International Finance

Free Elective Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBM.100 Business Vocabulary (Jargon)

IBM.206 Purchasing

IBM.207 Advertising

IBM.308 Principles of Hotel Management and Tourism

IBM.405 Specialty Recruitment of Personnel