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Bachelor of Computer Science (119)

  1. Product Management Website of C.S.W. Autowork Limited Partnership
  2. Verify Update Doctor System
  3. Member System
  4. Cyber POS Restaurant Clexpert (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  5. Selenium IDE Program Guide Website
  6. Design and Develop Website for Createx house Co., Ltd
  7. E-learning for Clone Harddisk of Bangkok Software & Co.,Ltd.
  8. Accounting Management Program for Software House Three G Software Company Limited
  9. Application of Car Maintenance Service on Android Platform
  10. Computer Customization Utility On Android Platform
  11. Assets Management System
  12. Instruction media Logo Blocks Program Bangkok Software Co.,Ltd.
  13. 3D Advertising Media in JC-M Shop System
  14. National Research Management Webservice System
  15. WonderChild Thailand Website
  16. E-Learning Managements and Method System
  17. Staff Training Database System
  18. Web Site Configuration Solid Server
  19. Online Risk Assessment System
  20. First All Service Time (FAST)
  22. Thai Traditiord Dramatic Performance Costroom Lerding System Aumnuay PungAmnac
  23. KTC Arena Football Online Booking System
  24. Store Mangement System
  25. Jolipop Product Management System
  26. Online Leave Management System
  27. Online food Ordering & Restaurant Management System
  28. Planning and Control weight System on Platform Android
  29. Bicycle inventory management system
  30. Online Inventory Management System
  31. Information Management System
  32. Truck Rental Management System
  33. Siam University Computer Science Curriculum Verification & Validation System
  34. Server Clone of SF Corporation Public Company Limited
  35. Television Production for broadcast
  36. Office 365 On Cloud
  37. Time Attendance Application on Mobile Platform
  38. Introduction Work Process of Amarin Printing
  39. Interactive Media Introduction of Yannix
  40. Website Absolute Consult Solution Co.,LTD.
  41. Manual maintenance of the IT Online
  42. News and Promotion Application on Android
  43. Car Service Application on Android Platform
  44. Event organizer assistant application on Android platform
  45. Location Based Service And Social Network For Promote Restaurant
  46. Information Management System Care Study Skin Diseases Clinic Bangphlat
  47. Electronic Commerce System Platinumbike Store
  48. FUJI PET SHOP Management System
  49. Augmented Reality of Building Siam University
  50. Automated Humidity and Temperature Control System for Croppi
  51. Don’t Die Game On Android Operation System
  52. Electronic Commerce System of LOOP Fashion Shop
  53. Food Ingredient and Nutrition Management System
  54. Maemai Muay Thai and Lukmai Muay Thai martial art with Augme
  55. Manage Aprtment System for Flourish Villa
  56. Music Studio Management System System Tiger Mafia Music
  57. Online Ballroom Reservation System
  58. Online Bus Reservation System And Notification on Android
  59. Online Inventory Management System
  60. Online Order Management System on Android Platform
  61. PaiTeaw application on Android Platform
  62. Resident Door Lock Control With Application on Android
  63. Resident Security System with Application on Android Platform
  64. Smart Farm System
  65. Stock Hardware Computer Application On Android Platform
  66. The War of Revolt Game
  67. Motorcycle Accessories Virtual Simulation System
  68. Storage Management System
  69. Develop website  Gouremet house
  70. Develop website prototype of the excise department
  71. Images upload systems
  72. Quotation system
  73. Siriraj e-learning and education community
  74. Web application for inventory management
  75. Website absolute consult solution co ltd.
  76. Website financial information management house for rent
  77. Alumni information management system with social network technology
  78. Application perdto vocalist on android platform
  79. Approval project of istore on web application
  80. Electronic manual on android platform for internship student
  81. Internal process management system of mitmaya co ltd.
  82. MIS helpdesk
  83. Mobile gallery application on android platform
  84. Point of sale application on ios platform
  85. Racer electric thailand co ltd. library system
  86. Search for intelligent computing systems
  87. Service and development pohtecktung website
  88. Site to site ipsec virtual private network
  89. Statistic management system of Thailand yellowpages
  90. Statistics system
  91. Website pet dee care
  92. Website that give information about network
  93. Applying social network technology by online class room
  94. Automotive sale management system of Siamsun Autosale Co. Ltd
  95. Computer repair online service case study Jjl computer
  96. Course evaluation system of Siam University
  97. Electronic commerce system of Grace shop
  98. Electronic commerce system of the Little Eyes Glasses Shop
  99. Glass aluminum training management system case study learning center
  100. Inventory management system
  101. Jigsaw puzzle game
  102. Management pathfinder and return parts
  103. Online car and driver reservation and announcement system
  104. P5 management inventory management system
  105. The loafer game on Android operation system
  106. Wind up adventure game in the tale on android operation system
  107. A Study of Wordbee-Translator Program
  108. Booking System Management
  109. Officer and Cost Information Record System
  110. Paper Management Web Application
  111. Website Command Prompt of Provincial Electricity Authority
  112. Website Guide teaches the basic budget management system
  113. Website mentor
  114. Artificial Intelligence and Computr Science Curriculum
  115. Basic Sign Language Search System on Android Platform
  116. Development of Teaching Evaluation System of Siam University via Internet Network
  117. English Language Skill Enhancement for 3-5 Years Student using Augmented Reality
  118. Online Leave Management System
  119. Resident Security System with Application on Android Platform