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Bachelors of Hotel and tourism


This student manual provides information on Siam University with a focus on the International Program Bachelor in Business Administration Hotel & Tourism (BBA-HTM).  The content published in this manual has been prepared with much care in order to provide information as accurate as possible.  Nevertheless Siam University state of affairs is changing constantly.  The University cannot be held responsible for content errors and omissions.  We ask all readers to verify the information here-contained with the relevant offices and authorities, as the latter have prevailing authority over the content of this manual. Kindly note that the class programs, facilities, and study fees are subject to changes.


The Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management at Siam University is a 4-year tertiary study international program. English is the instructional language. Our objectives are to increase students’ language proficiency; prepare students to pursue graduate studies in the field of Hospitality Management and Business Administration; and provide students with technical and management skills necessary for supervisory and management positions in the hospitality industry.

Title of the Curriculum

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management

Title of the Degree

Full English name: Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel and Tourism Management)

Abbreviated name: B.B.A. (Hotel and Tourism Management)

About the program

This is a four-year undergraduate study program leading toward the degree of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA.) in International Business.

The curriculum has been approved by the Ministry of University Affairs of Thailand. It is designed in response to the rapidly increasing market demands for human resources in this particular field in today’s global business community.
Specifically, it :

  • Provides quality education and training to students, with special emphasis on the international aspects of Business Administration.
  • Increases students’ potential and competitive edge in the job market with all courses in the program conducted in the English language-the language of international business-thus, establishing a vital link with the international business community.
  • Enhances students’ ability to analyze the increasing synergy and trends in networking and globalization of current international business management and the elements which are vital to successful business operations in the international environment.
  • Instills in students perspectives on cultural aspects such as language, religion, customs, traditions, political practice, as well as local and regional business practices which are at issues in managing and administering international business practices. Our diverse international faculty members and student body provide an excellent opportunity in this respect as well as opportunity to interact with local business firms.
  • Provides a sound basis for students to pursue graduate level study in business administration or other related fields.

Course Index

The plan of study below may serve as a guideline in your selection of subjects each semester.


First Year – First Semester

1 GS 101 Life and Environment 3
2 GS 104 Basic Mathematical Principles 3
3 GS 111 Thai Civilization 3
4 GS 121 Introduction to Sociology 3
5 EN HI English I or other language 3
6 ISA 101 Accounting I 3
    Total 18

First Year – Second Semester

1 GS 122 Fundamentals of Philosophy and Religion 3
2 GS 122 Society and Government 3
3 EN 112 English Writing I or other language 3
4 IBS 101 Software Package and Internet in Business 3
5 IBA 102 Accounting II 3
6 IHT 101 Introduction to Hotel Studies 3
Total 18

Second Year – First Semester

1 EN 213 English Writing II or other language 3
2 IBE 201 Micro Economics 3
3 IBM 201 Organization and Management 3
4 IBM 202 Principles of Marketing 3
5 IBM 203 Principles of Statistics 3
6 IHT 201 Introduction to Tourism Studies 3

Second Year – Second Semester

1 EN 214 English Conversation or other language 3
2 IBE 202 Macro Economics 3
3 IBM 209 Statistical Analysis in Business 3
4 IBF 201 Business Finance 3
5 IHT 202 Hotel Front Office Operation 3

Third Year – First Semester

1 EN 315 English for Business or other language 3
2 IHT 301 Tourist Destination Development 3
3 IHT 302 Restaurant & Banquet Management 3
4 IHT 307 Hotel & Tourism Managerial Accounting 3
5 Major Elective 3
6 Major Elective 3

Third Year – Second Semester

1 EN 316 English for Hotel and Tourism or other language 3
2 IBM 302 Production and Operations Management 3
3 IBL 309 Business Law 3
4 IHT 303 Airline Business 3
5 IHT 305 Food and Beverage Control 3
6 Major Elective 3

Fourth Year – First Semester

1 IBM 401 Quantitative Analysis in Business 3
2 EN 411 English Public Speaking or other language 3
3 IHT 401 Computer Application in Hotel and Tourism 3
4 IHT 402 Marketing in Hotel and Tourism 3
5 Major Elective 3
6 Free Elective 3

Fourth Year – Second Semester

1 IHT 403 Human Resource Management in Hotel and Tourism 3
2 IHT 407 Principles of Recreation 3
3 Major Elective 3
4 Free Elective 3
Total 11



Plan to Study

Entrance Requirements

  • Applicants must have an M6 (grade 12) certificate or must have completed a vocational certificate or its equivalent as approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants must have good health, and must exhibit acceptable personal conduct.
  • Applicants must pass an entrance examination which will be given entirely in English in the following subjects:
    1. Mathematics
    2. English
  • Interview

Documents and Fees for Application

  1. original and photocopy of M6 certificate, high school diploma or its equivalent
  2. a copy of the Thai citizen identification card and household registration or copy of passport
  3. four 3×4 cm. color photographs
  4. application fee of 300 Baht
  5. tuition fee 1,400 Baht/credit

Intensive English Courses

The applicants who pass the entrance examination in English are not required to take intensive English classes.  For those who fail in the entrance examination, Siam University organizes two sixty-hour intensive courses in English.