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Bachelors of International Business

Bachelors of International Business

 The world of business keeps changing under the dynamics of globalization forcing administrators to do things in new ways. This degree provides students with the required skills and knowledge to undertake a career in a multi-national corporation. Employment opportunities include positions in sales and marketing, advertising; finance; operations and logistics; and international trade.

Today, those who wish to find careers with multi-national corporations must prepare themselves to understand how businesses operate across cultures and continents. The curriculum covers business concepts including accounting, marketing, general management, economics, research, trade laws, culture, tradition and aspects unique to various nations and governments around the world. Graduates will acquire working knowledge of international banking and monetary procedures, trade laws, regional agreements such as ASEAN and NAFTA and understand parameters concerning international laws and import-export governmental controls.

Program Prelude

 This is a four-year undergraduate study program leading to the degree of Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA.) in International Business. The curriculum has been approved by the Ministry of University Affairs of Thailand. It is established in response to the increase market demands for human resources in this particular field in today’s global business community.

The goals of the Siam University International Business Degree Programs

  • To provide students with essential information about doing business in an international arena;
  • We also aim at engaging our students in the development of the global business by attending to business conferences and meetings;
  • To encourage exemplary individual and corporate moral behavior; and
  • To provide students with the knowledge necessary for mastery of successful business and managerial skills and, also develop sense responsibilities in the business industry.

Program Description

What is International Business?

International business comprises all commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between two or more regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundaries. Usually, private companies undertake such transactions for profit; governments undertake them for profit and for political reasons. It refers to all those business activities which involve cross border transactions of goods, services, resources between two or more nations. Transaction of economic resources include capital, skills, people etc. for international production of physical goods and services such as finance, banking, insurance, construction e.t.c. In other words, businesses that involve two or more countries can be considered an International Business.

Program Code: IBM

Program Duration: 8 Semesters (4 Years)

Certificate Awarded: Siam University Bachelor’s Certificate of Business Administration

Your Career

As the global economy continues to expand, the demand for international business graduates is higher and continued to increase, the number of courses offered in international business program is evidence of the increased in demand for quality and accredited education. This program has become one of the most common programs in Asia as a whole more especially South East Asia. In the business industries, there are a good number of challenges facing the expansion of businesses between borders; language difficulties and cultural differences, but the establishment of this program offers every student the opportunity to learn and gain enough knowledge in multi-cultural etiquette that surrounds the business environment.

The curriculum for international business degrees comprises a wide range of management courses, business culture, business law and taxation, economics and marketing. You will learn how to conduct business worldwide.

Why you should study international business and what you will gain?

  • An international business degree prepares you to compete in the global market;
  • You are assured of a better knowledge in business culture and moral behavior in the larger social community.
  • You will gain a greater command in conducting business across boundaries;
  • You will have multiple career options depending on the particular field in the Program you specialize on.
  • You will gain a good sense of social responsibility, and management skills that will help you develop businesses and financial skills.
  • The program contains quality education with special emphasis on the international aspects of Business Administration. Is all yours to gain.
  • Increases your potential and competitive edge in the job market with all courses in the program conducted in the English language-the language of international business-thus, establishing a vital link with the international business community.
  • Enhances yours ability to analyze the increasing synergy and trends in networking and globalization of current international business management and the elements which are vital to successful business operations in the international environment.
  • Instills in your perspectives on cultural aspects such as language, religion, customs, traditions, political practice, as well as local and regional business practices which are at issues in managing and administering international business practices. Our diverse international faculty members and student body will provide you with an excellent opportunity in this respect as well as the opportunity to interact with local business firms.

What Can You Do With a Degree in International Business?

There are several options for you, and these options are opened for every graduate in this particular field;


Financial Manager

Risk Manager

Marketing Executive and Operational Researcher

Chartered Management Accountant Retail Manager

International Logistics and distribution Manager

Management Analyst and Consultant

Business Manager and Entrepreneur

Human resources Officer

International Accountant

Systems Analyst

International Economist

Corporate investment banker

International Banker

Government Foreign Ministry

Import/Export Specialist

Sales Executive and Sales Marketer


Degree Plan

Course Name and Code

First Year: First Semester (August-December), (17 Credits).

(GS 121) Introduction to Sociology

(GS 111) Thai Civilization

(GS 104) Basic Mathematical Principles

(IBS 101) Life and Environment

(EN 101) English I (or other languages)

(IBA 101) Principles of Accounting I

Course Name and Code

First Year: Second Semester (January-April), (17 Credits)

(GS 122) Society and Government

(GS 112) Fundamentals of Philosophy and Religion

(EN 102) English II (or other languages)

(GS 113) General Psychology

(GS 123) Society and Law

(IBA 102) Principles of Accounting II

Course Name and Code

Second Year: First Semester (August-December), (17 Credits).

(EN 203) English III (or other languages)

(IBE 201) Micro Economics

(IBM 202) Principles of Marketing

(IBS 200) Introduction to Computer

(IBM 201) Organization and Management

(IBM 203) Principles of Statistics

Course Name and Code

Second Year: Second Semester (January-April), (14 Credits).

(EN 204) English IV (or other languages)

(IBE 202) Macro Economics

(IBM 209) Statistical Analysis in Business

(IBF 201) Business Finance



Course Name and Code

Third Year: First Semester (August-December), (17 Credits).

(IBE 303) International Economics

(EN 305) English V (or other languages)

(IBA 303) Managerial Accounting

(IBS 301) Internet and Package Program in business


Free Elective

Course Name and Code

Third Year: Second Semester (January-April), (14 Credits).

(EN 306) English VI (or other languages)

(IBM 302) Production and Operations Management

(IBL 309) Business Law


Free Elective

Course Name and Code

Fourth Year: First Semester (August-December), (17 Credits).

(IBM 401) Quantitative Analysis in Business

(IBF 401) International Finance   & Banking

(IBM 404) International of Goods Transportation

(IBM 403) Management of International Business

(IBL 404) International Trade Law

(IBA 404) International Accounting & Taxation

Course Name and Code

Fourth Year: Second Semester (January-April), (18 Credits).

(IBM 402) Business Policy

(IBM 406) Comparative Management of Multinational Enterprise

(IBM 421) International Trade Operations

(IBM 407) Seminar on International Business

(IBM 411) International Marketing


Grand Total 135 Credits

Course Name and Code

Summer Session I (April-June), (6 Credits)


Free Elective

Course Name and Code

Summer Session II (June-August), (6 Credits)


Free Elective

Course Index

Note: Please select the curriculum from the Academic Year in which you started (or will be starting) your studies. An Academic Year begins in August and ends in July of the following year.


The Course consists of:

General Courses: 15 Courses

The Core Courses: 15 Courses

Major Required Courses: 10 Courses

Major Elective Courses: 5 Courses

Free Elective Courses: 2 Courses

Total: 47 Courses          

General Education (3 credits each subject)

GS.121 Introduction to Sociology

GS.123 Society & Law

GS.122 Society & Government

GS.111 Thai Civilization

GS.112 Fundamentals of Philosophy & Religion

GS.113 General Psychology

GS.104 Basic Mathematical Principle

IBS.101 Software Package and Internet in Business

IBS.200 Introduction to Computer

Major Elective Courses (Languages) (2 credits each subject)

EN.101 English I

EN.102 English II

EN.203 English III

EN.204 English IV

EN.305 English V

EN.306 English VI

CH.101 Chinese I

CH.102 Chinese II

CH.203 Chinese III

CH.204 Chinese IV

CH.305 Chinese V

CH.306 Chinese VI

JA.101 Japanese I

JA.102 Japanese II

JA.203 Japanese III

JA.204 Japanese IV

JA.305 Japanese V

JA.306 Japanese VI

Core Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBE.202 Macro Economics

IBM.202 Principles of Marketing

IBA.101 Accounting I

IBM.402 Business Policy

IBM.401 Quantitative Analysis in Business

IBM.302 Production & Operations Management

IBL.309 Business Law 3 IBA.303 Managerial Accounting

IBS.301 Internet & Package Program in Business

IBM.209 Statistical Analysis in Business

IBM.203 Principles of Statistics

IBM.201 Organization & Management 3 IBE.201 Micro Economics

IBA.102 Accounting II

IBF.201 Business Finance

Major Required Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBE.303 International Economics

IBA.404 International Accounting & Taxation

IBL.404 International Trade Law

IBM.406 Comparative Management of Multinational Enterprise

IBM.412 International Trade Operations

IBM.411 International Marketing

IBM.407 Seminar on International Business

IBM.404 International Transportation of Goods

IBM.403 Management of International Business

IBF.401 International Finance & Banking

Major Elective Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBM.205 Global Management Information System

IBM.208 International Business Research

IBM.307 Human Resource Management

IBM.309 Cross Cultural Management

IBE.304 International Monetary Economics

IBM.210 International Negotiation

IBF.403 International Portfolio Management

IBM.409 Contemporary International Business

IBM.410 Independent Project

IBF.405 Advanced International Finance

Free Elective Courses (3 credits each subject)

IBM.100 Business Vocabulary (Jargon)

IBM.206 Purchasing

IBM.207 Advertising

IBM.308 Principles of Hotel Management and Tourism

IBM.405 Specialty Recruitment of Personnel

Plan To Study

Entrance Requirements

  • Grade 12 transcript for undergraduate applicants or equipment as well as transcript of academic records.
  • Two copies of International passport
  • A non-criminal record
  • Statement of purpose
  • 2 letters of recommendation (from high school teachers + professor or alumni of SIAM)
  • Results of TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS, if available
  • 3 recent photographs (3x4cm)
  • Application fees

Documents and Application

  • original and photocopy of M6 certificate, high school diploma or its equivalent
  • a copy of the Thai citizen identification card and household registration or copy of passport
  • four 3×4 cm. color photographs

Intensive English Courses

The applicants who pass the entrance examination in English are not required to take intensive English classes. For those who fail in the entrance examination, Siam University organizes two sixty-hour intensive courses in English.



Mr. Rengson Mualchontham


Prof. J. Fred Miller

Mr. Paul Henry

Mr. David Seale

Mr. Kevin Tylor

Special Lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Wanchai Rijirawanich

Dr. Tanakorn Limsarum

Dr. Pichit

Dr. Chalermkiat

Dr. Toumo Tapani Ravtakivi

Mr. Rathavoot

Mr. Pariwat

Mr. Pithan

Mrs. Yaowares

Mr. Kriengsak

Program Contact

Program Dean: Mr. Rengson Muanchontham

Telephone: (66)28678000


Web site:

Front Counter Hours: Mon – Fri (8:30a.m. – 4:30pm)

For International admission and inquiry please email us at –

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