Central Library:

This library is the one of the most important and beneficial facility for all stakeholders of Siam university. The library is located at 15th Building of Siam University just above the registration office. The library covers a range of subjects including Business, Politics, Engineering, Arts, Hospitality, Medical science and Nursing etc. The library because of its very strategic importance is also called “Academic Resource Center”. It has more than 30,000 books available for all the students in Thai and English language; It can also accommodate more than 500 students at the same time in the facility. The library facilitates borrowing of books, CDS and Thesis in Thai language for Thai students.

Students have no problem in finding books in the library because the library has equipped a very sophisticated computerized database so students can search for their books with the book title through desktop systems specifically assigned for searching books.

This library is a place where students can find books for almost all the worldly topics and nourish their minds with the new knowledge and information. This is the facility that can evolve future businessmen, leaders, engineers, nurses and doctors from Siam University, Bangkok.

Students with the knowledge absorption can also entertain themselves with the one free movie shown every day on the student request mainly in the afternoon time.

The library has mainly following facilities:

  • Books for all faculty students
  • Newspapers in Thai/Chinese and English
  • Thesis for Thai Students
  • Computers for internet usage
  • Build-in Cinema for entertainment
  • News Monitors

The library provides books to all university students from 7 to 30 days depends on the importance of the subject and demand of the book. It also charge late fee of 5 Baht per book per day if the assigned date is passed by the students and books are not returned or re-issued by the facility. The library staff can speak Thai and English fluently in order to solve the issues and facilitate both Thai and international students.

Library Timing:

  • Mon-Saturday (8:00 am to 19:00 Pm)
  • Sunday and Public Holiday Closed.

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MBA Library:

The MBA library is termed as “Maruey Knowledge and Resource Center” also called MBA library was established in 2010 with the close collaboration between MBA department of Siam University and Stock exchange of Thailand (SET). This library is considered to be one of the best decorative and luxurious state of the art facility provided mainly for MBA students. The library is one the fifth resource centers established on the name of Mr. Maruey who was the 5th president of Stock exchange of Thailand. Dr. Vijit- Dean of MBA department also played a key role in the establishment of this fabulous knowledge base in Siam University. The library is therefore managed by the administration of Siam University, Bangkok.

Maruey Philosophy of this library is to make a place where students can study in the flexible environment and extra activities like eating, drinking and talking is not prohibited. Therefore, this library has coffee outlet and students can eat, talk and discuss together in order to accomplish their study goals.

The library has books, Internet facility, famous contemporary magazines like the economist, The Forbes, Money and Wealth, National Geographic, The Harvard Business Review, newspapers in Thai and English and etc. It also keeps other journals including Siam university newsletter for students of Siam University to know about university activities and to elaborate on new issues and problems of the world.

The library mostly covers the books regarding:



Capital Markets



And there are also other books available like Chinese culture and linguistics.

The library mostly receives their book stocks from SET because of the collaboration between two institutions. The library also stock MBA Independent studies of previous students for Thai and international students so then new potential students can read those independent studies and understand the procedural mechanism of making Independent Study.

The library also organize “Finance Talk” with the support of MBA department for more than two times in a year in order to nourish the minds of business students with new knowledge and contemporary business paradigms.

This library has two permanent female staff always available to help and guide the internal and external visitors from Tues to Fri and one temporary staff always available on Sat and Sun.

The library has following rules for internal and external visitors:

  • The students of Siam University can get books 4 books for 07 days by paying 100 Baht/Year.
  • The students of Siam University can access books and internet facility at the library in that cost.
  • External visitors who would like to get books have to pay 1000 baht/year and they can borrow 4 books as well for 07 days.
  • External visitors can pay 400 Baht/Year to use library’s internet facility.

MBA library by its own way generates a very favorable, cozy and charming vibe for the students to come on daily basis and achieve their academic and non-academic targets. The students also visit this facility for recreation purposes after finishing their long class and sit in the balcony of this library to keep their souls touched with the beauty of nature that is very much reflected through the balcony of this library.

This library opens from:

  • Tues- Fri (10:00 am to 18:00 pm)
  • Sat and Sun (9:00 am to 17:00 pm)
  • All Public Holidays and University Holidays closed.

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