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Siam University & Siam Technical College Founder’s Day – 15 August 2560 (2017)

15 August 2560 (2017) – Administration, staff, and students gather to celebrate the 39th anniversary at Siam Technical College by honoring the late Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit, the founder of both Siam Technical College and Siam University.  Each department of both institutes payed respects by laying flowers around the statue of our founder.  This is an opportunity for both old and ... Read More »

Honoring the Queen of Thailand on Her Majesty’s Birthday – Mother’s Day 12-8-2017

Siam University administration and students hold a ceremony today at the entrance of the Royal Jubilee Building.  Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Saturday, 12 August 2017 all across Thailand.  Today the President, Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, delivers a speech honoring our Queen and to pay respects to the Royal Family of Thailand.  Following the traditional portion of the ceremony, our Thai ... Read More »

Students from International College practicing Muay Thai

Siam University International College dean Mr. Pacapol encourages students to appreciate Muay Thai and get familiar with Thai culture, ethics and values. Muay Thai or Thai boxing is set of physical preparation that makes a combat fighter efficient in the ground with confidence. The professional leagues and significance governed by the professional Boxing Association of Thailand, the Sports Authority of ... Read More »

Battery for Electric Vehicles and Train signaling system

Siam University (SU) President, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit invited Prof. Cao Guoyong, Chairman of the University Council of Beijing Jiaotong University at SU campus along with his higher officials on 14 February 2017. Administrators from both universities joined in a meeting to discuss about possible research collaboration on Battery for Electric Vehicles and Train signaling system and future implementation. Read More »

Blood Donation together with student, faculty and administration in Campus

Siam University again organized blood donation campaign on 2 December 2016. On that day, students and faculties get general health check up to be fit in positive learning environment. This is one of the noble initiatives Siam University usually pledges often to enhance blood availability for innocent civilians. Read More »

Global dignitaries pay homage before 82nd IAU Board Meeting

IAU 82nd administrative Board Meeting hosted at Siam University on 12 November 2016. Prof Dr. Eva Egron-polak, Secretary General of IAU, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and fellow other dignitaries from the world pay homage to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej RamaIX this morning. The board meeting followed by the IAU 15th General Conference will be held in Bangkok from 13-16 November ... Read More »

Siam University Freshy day 2016 portrayed a grand festive occasion

On 17 September 2016, Siam University students join with the new incoming students to celebrate Siam University Freshy Day. Students, faculty members and administrators joined this great celebration. The event portrayed a grand festive occasion with cheerleaders, dance performance and best Siam Dress code contest. Read More »

Scholarship and prizes as part of Wai Kru 2016

8 September 2016, Siam University president Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and fellow professionals from Siam University provided awarding scholarship and prizes as part of Wai Kru 2016, and welcoming class of 2020. The officials start new academic year 2016 following through the Thai ritual Wai Kru. Read More »

Blood Donation on Campus and community contribution

Siam University again arranges blood donation campaign on 25th August 2016. Students, faculty members and staffs of Siam University are actively participating on the charitable occasion, which predominately shows the powerful community contribution towards sustainable development. Read More »

Founder’s Day 2016 celebrates at Siam Institute of Technology campus on 15 August

It is indeed another successful year for Siam University since its establishment in 1965. Siam University was founded by late Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit, whom by his initiative yielded an unforgettable mark in the history of the institution. Siam University has successfully maintained a good institute of knowledge over the years of functioning. The event was held at the Siam Institute ... Read More »