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Student Facilities

Maruary Library

Maruary Library – Located in the 6th Floor in the 19th Building. MBA Library: The MBA library is termed as “Maruey Knowledge and Resource Center” also called MBA library was established in 2010 with the close collaboration between MBA department of Siam University and Stock exchange of Thailand (SET). This library is considered to be one of the best decorative ... Read More »

Place to Eat

Kitchen Plus Branch at Siam University: Kitchen Plus is one of the recognized, standardized and famous restaurant chains of Thailand. It has more than 66 branched around the country. It was established in 2007 with the concept of Banana Leaf or Delicious a la carte. Kitchen Plus is mostly renowned for its Thai and western food décor with excellent mixture ... Read More »

Digital Central Library

Central Library: This library is the one of the most important and beneficial facility for all stakeholders of Siam university. The library is located at 12th Building of Siam University just above the registration office. The library covers a range of subjects including Business, Politics, Engineering, Arts, Hospitality, Medical science and Nursing etc. The library because of its very strategic ... Read More »

Modern Computer Center

Computer Lab: The computer lab is located at 15th building of Siam University near the 12th building and beside the second canteen of the university. The computer lab is also called internet lab because most of the students in Siam University use this facility for internet access and their routine academic and non-academic tasks. Students could even use the internet ... Read More »

Sports Complex and Gym

Sports Center: A body needs exercise to be fit and playing sports is the best exercise, Therefore, Siam University facilitates its all stakeholders of the university with the one of the best sports complexes of Bangkok. The sports center is located at the left hand corner of the 19th Building just at the left hand side of the parking lot ... Read More »