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Chollada Jungprasert- Hotel & Tourism
Dr. Chollada Jungprasert - Assistant President, Siam University

Chollada Jungprasert- Hotel & Tourism

Hospitality and tourism happens to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Its complexity in management, its dynamism in innovation and its vastness in operation, have created varieties of opportunity it provides in the world today in its broadness.

Due to its impact on economies; the professional projections in the industry remain firm and solid. It has also been the core figure in creating a steady economy by building, developing, and strengthening the weakening parts of the economy.

Siam University, as one of the Thailand’s oldest and largest private universities prepares students for practical tourism studies and the program is designed with the aim to promote students to face the challenges that lie in the field of tourism industries.

For this reason, we subscribed to modern technologies in Siam University to facilitate our students through practical training in all areas of hospitality management; including a widening kitchen space and cooking facilities and provided recipe for preparing different nutrition, providing quality services and management roles, customer relationships and satisfaction, and also knowing the need for room division in accordance with provisions in the management of accommodation and hospitality.

Siam University reportedly, has been successful in the department of Hotel and tourism management. In the year 2011, Siam University emerged as the third in the department all over Thailand, and has maintained that position.

The university has also produced a good number of successful graduates in this department and this can’t be achieved without training the young ones whom the development and management of hospitality and tourism rests upon their hands.

Due to this development, we ensured that the necessary equipment and facilities are provided, to help our students in their future professions and academic ambitions.

Dr. Chollada Jungprasert

Assistant president
Hotel & Tourism
Siam University