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Faculty of Accounting (49)

  1. Accounting for business purchases to sell
  2. Accounting Processes
  3. Accounting program WIN Speed
  4. Accounting System and Accountancy by Accounting Program
  5. Accounts receivable system, Accounts payable system
  6. Audit contractor landfill Audit income and expenses
  7. Audit Program for Trade Account Receivables
  8. Audit techniques, construction materials trading business
  9. Auditing Tactics Past 1
  10. Auditing Tactics Past 2
  11. Basic auditing
  12. Basic auditing and preparation of the paper
  13. Bookkeeping in Express Programming
  14. Cost of Production
  15. Filling Process P.N.D 50 How to audit
  16. Input and Output tax by CD-Organizer Program
  18. Payment of electricity bills by Direct Debit account
  19. Procedures set financial documents submitted to the government
  20. Receivables cycle
  21. Recording of Petty Cash in the Express Accounting program
  22. Software Express Accounting recording sell on credit
  23. Substantive Test of Accounts Receivable
  24. Tax Filings
  25. Tax Invoice
  26. The company accounts for Fusion Industries Limited
  27. The Comparison Of Income Between Gas Company
  28. The preparation of personal income tax withholding ( PND 3 and PND 53 )
  29. The process of document the Financial Statement Submission Form
  30. The program “my account” for accounting
  31. To check the validity of the document before the record
  32.   Transaction Cycle Audits
  33. Types of Auditor’s report
  34. Value add Tax System for Company
  35. Value Added Tax
  36. Value Added Tax 1
  37. Withholdiing Tax
  38. Withholding Tax 2
  39. Withholding Tax 3
  40. Working Paper
  41. Documents Required to Prepare Account Casestudy S.P.T. Network Co.,LTD
  42.   Implementing job-order costing system case study of Fusion Ivdustry Co.,Ltd
  43. Step transitional withholding tax
  44. The accounting of income and expanses and tax filings
  45. The comparson of revenue recognition between restaurants and gas company
  46. The recognition of income and expenses of stone logistics
  47. Withholding tax Management
  48. Account receivable for Kasememrad Hospital
  49. Booking Keeping basic audit