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Department of Civil Engineering (15)

  1. Impact of land use and climate change on soil erosion in the upper part of Yom River Basin
  2. U-turn waiting time estimation at midblock median opening
  3. A Study on U-Turning Vehicle types and their accepted headway
  4. The Development of Coating Material mixed with Rubber Latex for Irrigation Canel
  5. Studies on mechanical properties of mortar mix pre-vulcanized tatex
  6. Studies on mechanical properties of mortar mix pre-vulanized latex
  7. Texca wall
  8. Using of Building Information Modeling During Construction
  9. Quality Control of condominium Construction
  10. Problem Encountered In The Construction Of High-rise Buildings
  11. Defect Of Construction
  12. Control basement construction
  13. A Cast in form work
  14. A Study of Construction Process Controlling and Problem of Construction
  15. Evaluation Methods of Building Structures