Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Internship and career placement

SIAM helps students to plan their careers. It starts with the assessment of a student’s personality, needs and aspirations for the future. An advisor then makes suggestions about various career path options.

The advisor also assists students in finding an internship position either in Thailand or abroad. This is an excellent opportunity for students to travel and get acquainted with the future career! International students can obtain useful information and advises concerning job and internship placement at the International Student Center (ISC).


The center is located in building 19 on the 9th floor.

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  1. Dear Madam or Sir,
    Good day to you. I am one of MBA students. I would like to know about the internship program from our university. I want to go internship program at one company in Thailand but not for 6 credits and just for the experience from Thailand’s organizations or companies. I already found out the company and they also accepted me but I need to submit the internship letter from university. So how can I proceed for this internship letter?
    May I get some suggestions ? Thank Q so much and Have a nice day.
    Best Regard