Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Masters in Business Administration


In the fast changing domestic and international economic environments, with increasing intensity of globalization and international competition, human resources with relevant skills and international prospective need to be cultivated to facilitate national economic development and enhance the capability of Thailand as a nation substantially dependent on international economic activities.


Siam’s M.B.A. International Program will cultivate professionals who possess current business education with good moral principles and high social responsibility.


Our vision is to have the M.B.A. International Program act as a knowledge warehouse delivering business training and expertise, with the following emphasis:-

  1. To educate graduates to become good businessmen and managers with technical excellence and international prospective who are able to make business decisions efficiently with high moral and ethical standards as well as social responsibility
  2. To prepare graduates in the arts of applying modern business and technological knowledge in management information, business research and business experience in the environments of risks, uncertainties, and intense international competition.
  3. To produce graduates in business management with high caliber in wide ranging disciplines to be administrators or leaders of public and private business organizations.
  4. To instill international prospective for graduates of various nationalities to facilitate the expansion of businesses and business networking between Thailand and other nations, most essential for the future of international economic relationship, considering Thailand as a key member and the hub of the ASEAN community.