Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Program Prelude

The conflicts between nations, the quarrels within organizations, the clashes against opposition parties, the wars that surround our world today does not necessarily mean that the world lacked peace. But the approach used to sustain it. UNESCO has encouraged the need for a new academic department on Peace studies in different Universities. The UNESCO believed that by training a good number of graduates under peace studies, the possibility to attain peace can’t be far-fetched and hope that peace can be reached to some part of the world that have been ripped apart by conflicts with the efforts of the expertise and also, the world will hopefully become a better place for all.

Siam University is one of the few Universities in Thailand that offers this particular program and it’s attributed by the University Affairs of Thailand.

 The Mission

The mission of MAPD program focuses on Inspiring and developing a new generation of leaders who possess a vision of new global society with a new paradigm of attaining, promoting and maintaining peace and social well-being through diplomacy and other constructive means.


  • To offer a Master Degree Program in the area of Peace Studies and Diplomacy which will enhance an understanding of social, cultural, and economic differences regionally and globally.
  • To develop a new generation of leaders with human relations skill by fostering peace-oriented personalities and leadership.
  • To provide opportunities for active overseas exchange programs in which student will be able to acquire first-hand knowledge and experience.


Why you should study MAPD and what you will gain?

The graduates of MAPD program will be able to establish networks with people from different cultures and master conflict management and peaceful negotiation as effective and visionary leaders.

Graduates of Peace studies are assigned to do their training in any United Nation’s branch located in their selected country of studies.

What Can You Do With a Master Arts in Peace Studies and Diplomacy?

  • You can work in any Foreign Ministry;
  • You can work in the UN;
  • You can work as an Ambassador;
  • You can work as a human right activists, mobilizing the support for people’s need;
  • You can work in an organizational conflict management;
  • You can work in a human resource department, in managing people in times of conflict;
  • You can work as a peace coordinator;
  • You can work in the Immigration, security department, police station and custom office;
  • You can work in the Government – National Peace Council;
  • You can work in any International Organization;
  • You can work as a Mentor or Consultant in Peace resolution;