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Master of Engineering (25)

  1. The Development of an Electronic Documentation Management System in the Construction Office
  2. A Study to Propose the Online Disbursement System
  3. A study of imortant factors for service selection in the spa business
  4. Guidelines for the Green Campus Development
  5. air Chiller Control system by web Technology
  6. Defects Reduction in the auto spare part production
  7. Defect reduction in the board front door trim manufacturing process
  8. Duration Estimation of Bridge Maintenance in the rural roads
  9. A Study for continuous quality improvements in Pharmaceutical Industry – A case study of a Human Medicinal products factory
  10. Loss Reduction in Wire Rod Production
  11. GPS development to monitor electricity meters
  12. Loss reduction in Milk Production by QQC
  13. The Cold storage products refrigeration system improvement
  14. A Study to Reduce Building Sanitary Installation Problems
  15. The High Speed Internet Service Fault Recurrent Prevention Plan
  16. A waste management study for scraps construction materials
  17. Project cost planning and monitoring with EVA
  18. The study in influent factors generating defects in manufacturing process of fiber filters
  19. Building electric system bidding process improvement
  20. The Reduction of Excess Motorcycle Tires Packing Material
  21. Safety Management in the Construction of Industrial Buildings
  22. Mistakes Reduction for Structural Shop Drawings
  23. Contracted Cost Reduction for Electric Train Maintenance System
  24. A Design of Waste Water Treatment Pond in Animal Feed Plant
  25. Evaluation Methods of Building Structures