Computer Lab:

The computer lab is located at 15th building of Siam University near the 12th building and beside the second canteen of the university. The computer lab is also called internet lab because most of the students in Siam University use this facility for internet access and their routine academic and non-academic tasks. Students could even use the internet as a replacement of textbooks and reference books as it contains an endless source of knowledge. Students can also check the latest scientific knowledge and researches from previous scholars. Scientist in every field nowadays have been experimenting and discovering a lot of intriguing and new things and knowledge so, this type of stream is very suitable for students who are interested to further their studies in their respective fields.

This facility is one the best state of the art facility in Siam University that is furnished with latest decoration, highly organized seating arrangements with sophisticated technological devices. The lab consists of two portions, one is called general area where students from all faculties can visit and use desktop computers with high speed internet connection in order to complete their academic assignments, projects and other educational requirements.

Second portion of this lab is allocated for “Computer classes” that is carried out by different faculties on different times depends on their relevant schedule and computer lab availability. The lab can accommodate more than 100 students in the general area and more than 80 students in computer lab area.

Highly sophisticated desktop computers provided by the university to facilitate e- learning because e-learning encouraged students to analyze what is need to be improved with the self-learning mechanism. It enables students to become independent thinkers/learners/risk takers in a sheltered environment. It also broadens the horizons of many students as it exposes students to the world outside their city or country premises.

The students of Siam University need a student ID with the password given by registration department in order to use free internet at this lab. The students are needed to log in the system in order to use internet at the university and log out from the system as they finish their task or function.


  • Mon-Fri (8:30 to 19:00 Pm)
  • Sat (8:30 to 16:00 Pm)
  • Sunday and Public Holiday Closed.