Kitchen Plus Branch at Siam University:

Kitchen Plus is one of the recognized, standardized and famous restaurant chains of Thailand. It has more than 66 branched around the country. It was established in 2007 with the concept of Banana Leaf or Delicious a la carte. Kitchen Plus is mostly renowned for its Thai and western food décor with excellent mixture of food ingredients. Kitchen Plus Siam University Branch is opened in 2014 where it can accommodate more than 100 visitors at the same time. This branch is administrated directly by the management of Kitchen Plus.

Kitchen Plus at Siam University has the same kind of excellent food, heart touching decoration and cozy environment where all stakeholders can sit, enjoy and relax their being and escape for a while from all their tensions and daily chores. Kitchen Plus rate list at Siam University is 10 to 20% lower from their other branches around Thailand because of university status.

Kitchen Plus is located just infront of Seven Eleven and behind True coffee shop inside the Siam University.

Kitchen Plus has the staff of 6 people available all the time during the opening hours of the restaurant.

Kitchen Plus opens from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (Monday to Saturday).

Sunday and Public Holiday Closed.

Kitchen Plus most likeable Offerings:

  1. Boiled Rice with mixed mushroom
  2. Boiled Rice with snapper fish fillets
  3. Fried rice with pork/chicken
  4. Fried rice with mackerel
  5. Fried rice with hams
  6. Fried Chicken Wings
  7. Terriyaki Chicken+ Plain Rice+Soup
  8. Shrimps Fish Curry+Plain Rice+Omelet+Soup
  9. Shrimp pop
  10. French Fries
  11. Thai Milk Tea
  12. Coffee(Americano, Espresso, Late, Cappuccino)
  13. Smoothy Watermelon Juice
  14. Smoothy Coconut Juice
  15. Smoothy Lemon Juice

and many more…………………………

Just Enjoy Healthy, Delicious and Cheap Food!


Sky Lounge:

Sky lounge is the restaurant directly administrated by international hotel and tourism management department of Siam University with the help of its faculty students. It’s the place where students of hotel and tourism faculty actually exercise their potential to understand the hotel industry of Thailand. The restaurant is located at 19th Building, 8th Floor just at the right hand side of the elevator. The restaurant is the perfect example of what should be called a “decorative place with beauty and luxury”. It’s one of the best architectures of the university. The restaurant has the capacity to serve more than 100 visitors inside and outside the lounge of the restaurant at the same time.

The restaurant mainly serves Thai and western style food items but it also offers cultural dishes for almost all students belonging to different cultures and nationalities like the sometimes it serves Indian curry for Indian students, Chinese noodles for Chinese students and so on.

The restaurant has famous chefs from oriental, Hilton and Shangri-La, Bangkok, Roti Boy from Malaysia to serve the best quality food to all stakeholders of Siam University with cheap price starting from just 60 baht. The food that is served in this restaurant can be easily compared with any popular restaurant of Bangkok because of its rich ingredients and superior quality.

The restaurant provides a wide range of services to all students, teachers and management staff from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on all working days except weekends and public holidays.

The restaurant mostly provides two to three dishes per day because of its low budget, sales turnover and human resource availability.

The Restaurant offers mainly following items:


  1. Spicy Chicken Soup
  2. Clear Soup with Tofu
  3. Spicy Soy Protein with Basil
  4. Fried Noodle with Chicken/Pork
  5. Fried rice with fried egg and clear soup
  6. Steamed egg with brown sauce
  7. Stir fried with mix vegetable
  8. Fish and Chip with Salad
  9. Thai Omelet with Pork
  10. French Fries
  11. Green Curry with Pork
  12. Chocolate Cakes
  13. Blueberry Cakes
  14. Pizza
  15. All kinds of breads


Soft Drinks

Coffee (All Types)

Thai Tea

Thai Tea with Milk

Red and White Wine on Special Occasions.

Canteen 1:

Canteen 1 of Siam University is located at a very strategic and convenient place beside the Seven Eleven and at the middle of the university whole boundary. The canteen provides delicious and crispy Thai food to all the stakeholders of Siam University including students, teachers and management staff. It can accommodate more than 250 visitors at the same time during the peak hours. It is the canteen that is fully packed by the all the stakeholders of Siam University during peak hours. It is the facility most of you will find fully crowded during peak hours from 12:00 to 2:00 pm and afterwards the access to food become easy.

The canteen is famous for its special food and drink menus including boiled chicken with rice, Macaroni fried with red and white sauce, Spicy Salad and Noodle with Grilled Duck. The famous drinks are Thai Tea, Tea with Milk, Cold Coffee, Fruit Juices and etc.

The canteen opens its services from 11:00 am and remains opened till late afternoon. This is the facility where people just not eat but also enjoy watching their favorite and funny clips on LED televisions fixed in front of almost every table in the canteen. This is also a meeting place for most of the students and teachers just to chit chat for a while after morning session.

The canteen is actually run by independent vendors under the directions of Siam university administration.

The canteen has following food counters:

  1. Thai cuisine with rice
  2. Thai Steak
  3. Thai Traditional Food
  4. Noodle with Grilled Duck
  5. Boiled chicken with rice
  6. Pork Noodle
  7. Thai Sweat Bread
  8. Thai Buffet
  9. Grilled chicken with rice
  10. Noodle and Sea Food
  11. Chicken Pork Steak
  12. Fresh Fruits and Juices
  13. Soft Drinks
  14. Ice Cream
  15. Coffee Counter
  16. Tea Counter

Canteen 2:

The canteen 2 is an eating place made for all the stakeholders of Siam University in order to provide them delicious, spicy and healthy food with cheap price and vast variety. This canteen is located next to 15th Building or simply behind 12th Building of Siam University. The canteen can accommodate more than 500 visitors at the same time. This canteen can be accessed through two main doors one from inside the university and other is from the street number 36, Phetkaseam Road that is the road where Siam University is situated.

This canteen is also run by independent vendors under the Siam university guidelines but the food service providers are health conscious and also take into account the traditional and cultural tendency of Thai Food. The canteen food is much cheaper and tasty than other food outlets, for example, in this canteen you can buy Thai buffet with 2 Thai dishes in only 30 bahts while the same menu will cost you at least 40 to 50 baht outside.

The canteen because of its wide area and very open locality attract many visitors to sit, eat, chit chat and watch LED televisions fixed by the Siam university administration for their entertainment during lunch hours.

The canteen opens around 8 am and closes at 5 pm most of the times. It provides food services to all the visitors inside and outside the university all day long therefore, it’s one of the busiest facilities inside Siam University.

The canteen has following food counters:

  1. Roast Chicken with Rice
  2. Thai Buffet (more than 8 dishes all the times)
  3. Thai Omelet with Rice
  4. Bread and Ice Cream
  5. Bread Toppings and Thai Bread Varieties
  6. Fried Chicken with Rice
  7. Noodles
  8. Noodles with Duck and Pork
  9. Drinks
  10. Thai Buffet with Traditional Spicy Dishes
  11. Ice Cream

 Places to find coffee

True Coffee Shop:

“Welcome to your place escape from all worries sits, relax, sip and surf”

True coffee shop is located infront of book store very near to the main entrance of the university. True coffee shop doesn’t provide only coffee but it actually refer you a place where you can relax after the long study hours or long teaching classes. It’s good for all stakeholders for Siam University because everyone can use this coffee place for different purposes. Management staff can use this place for short unofficial meetings between each other; students can use this place to complete their assignments and projects under very cozy, cool and fresh environment where your minds start working much smarter and faster especially after drinking a cup of coffee.

The shop can accommodate not more than 15 visitors at the same time but visitors often use take away service of the coffee shop.

True coffee shop provides following general facilities:

  1. Free Wi-Fi
  2. New Movies to watch
  3. True Top-up

True Coffee shop Items:

Beverages (Hot and Cold)

  • True Signature Iced Coffee
  • Espresso Classic
  • Hi-speed Americano
  • Café Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Mocha
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • English Toffee Latte
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Velvet Chocolate
  • Steamed Milk
  • Logan Drink
  • Green Tea
  • Thai Tea


  • Hum Cheese Puff
  • Popeye Puff
  • Macaroon
  • Bread

Timing (Monday to Saturday- 8:00 to 6:00 pm) – Sunday and Public Holiday Closed

Siam University Administrated Coffee Shop

The department of food technology, faculty of science in Siam University has also opened one coffee shop under the name “Food Product Development Shop”.

This shop can be found infront of the photocopy shop located at the ground floor of 19th Building, Siam University. This shop is the wonderful example of the practical approach used by the food technology faculty in order to teach their students.

The shop is directly administrated by the food technology department especially with high quality of Thai Tea and Coffee.

The shop can accommodate not more than 10 visitors at the same time but most of the visitors are management staff because of the take away service.

Shop Menu

  1. Espresso(Hot and Cold)
  2. Cappuccino(Hot and Cold)
  3. Late(Hot and Cold)
  4. Mocha(Hot and Cold)
  5. Green Tea(Hot and Cold)
  6. Thai Tea(Hot and Cold)
  7. Hot Tea(Hot and Cold)

Timing (Monday to Friday- 8:00 to 3:00 pm) – Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday Closed