CO-OP Engineering – Computer Engineering

2015 /2558

  • 1. Web Application for Issue Log
  • 2. Design IT Warehouse Management via Web Application version 2
  • 3. Temperature and Voltage Alert System in Server Room
  • 4. Program for Room Reservation and Electric Appliance Management
  • 5. Development of E-Learning for MEA
  • 6. Traffic Light Violation Detected by CCTV Network
  • 7. Quota Online
  • 8. Network Monitoring of Nipa Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 9. Database design for the circulation of computer equipment


Freewill Solutions Co. Ltd. is a software developer and professional services provider. The software development’s team save problems and solutions in the form of documents with a lot. This project develops web application to record the problems and the solutions during application development. Using this web application found that the staff within the team can see the list of problems, details of the problem, cause of the problem and proposed solution of the problem. The staffs within the team can see the detail and share the answer of the problems at the same time. It make the problems with clearly and correctly solutions.

Keyword: Issue Logging /Program / Web Application


The purpose of this development was caused by studying the device inventory managing system according to an old version system of Business system department, Diethelm Travel (Thailand) Ltd. The results of the study were as follows: 1) Application be able to record any device information. 2) Application be able to record any orderer and returner all of device. 3) Application be able to record any usage device history. 4) User is able to search any device information on the application. 5) User is able to amend any information such as device information detail, updating device information, updating status of device and erasing device information. According to the results of the study above, the company require the additional part of managing damaged device and status of damaged device on the application. Hence, the device inventory managing system (version2) is developed for completely support this function.

Key word: the device inventory managing system (version2) / managing damaged device


S. K. Polymer Co., Ltd. defines a staff to monitor the status of servers and lets the administrators know when a network fault such as an unusual temperature or power outages occurs. However, a staff can monitor the server faults only office hour. To improve the working performance, the temperature and voltage alert system in the server room is introduced. When the server room has an unusual temperature or a power outage, the system will notify the administrators via phone number and email automatically. The temperature and voltage sensors are controlled with an Arduino board and user interface is implemented with Microsoft Visual C#. The testing results of the mock-up situation found that system can alert via phone number and email when the server room have abnormal temperature or power outages.

Keywords: Alert System/ Temperature/ Voltage/Server Room


The Sahachote Apartment Company is the company that provides services related to accommodation both on a daily and monthly basis. An idea of this project came from working at Sahachote Apartment Company during cooperative education and found problems related to the way the company records information of electric appliance in rooms and customer information. The information was not recorded in computer, but it was kept in papers. This information can get lost and make it hard to find. The project came from study the problems and find a solution the solve them. The project is to create an application for managing customer and electric appliance in rooms. The goal is to manage information to make it easy search and keep it systematically. The program is developed using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Studio. After using the application, it makes users easier to make rooms reservation and find related information.

Keywords : Room ReservationProgram / Elecric Appliance Management


The Universal Communication Systems Co., Ltd. bided the project for purchasing equipment and developing the e-learning software. This project was bided for software to develop e-learning systems with legal license by e-bidding. The previous e-learning system at Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) used Adobe Flash for learning lessons and doing quiz. The learners can finish each subject and then do quiz to complete their study. The score from an examination is examined by an administrator, then is recorded to an administrator’s computer. Another problem is the previous system cannot work with new model of smart phones. It cannot work with new software components. From the problems, mentioned above, we have developed elearning project, using the Lectora Inspire software to develop instructional media and quizzes. The project must work together with Saba database management systems, used to record the exam result. The program can create exam paper and record the result into the database. The program can also modify the exam paper and record it in database. For testing of the program, we found that the program can operate well and got the level of satisfy in very satisfying to most satisfying.

Keywords: e-learning / Saba / Lectora


Thai Traffic Police use Red Light Camera to caught cars violating traffic light. The systems is recording with network video recorder and use people check traffic light violation. The systems cannot capture traffic light violation clearly and made error of traffic light violation picture.
From the issue. Universal Communication Systems Co., Ltd. has bid for project. I have to design the network and install cameras on each of the 28 junctions. By I studied network system from the company’s legacy systems and I consulted the staff advisory for design system. The project detect a car driving through the traffic lights. Capture before traffic light violation. Capture while violation and license plate. Then print Traffic Ticket and sent to the offender. From experiment was found the project works according purpose.

Keywords: Network/ Server/ CCTV


Due to the important task assigned by the company to conduct cooperative studies that have limited resources is to develop an online system of quotas.
The quota system is an online system that will manage the energy savings of natural gas. The functionality of the old system. When a page is opened with full energy supply. Or discounted use of the system will be sent to the server. And to receive information from the server 2 is set to approve a discount. And card information into a database to store stations. Problems encountered in the old system was. The server sent no quota remaining base station identification information not collected sales quota remaining. When the system crashes, system crashes, the station can not contact the server. The system will pull data from station to see if this card is nothing without checking quota remaining made when the station is in a system crash can obtain a discount on an unlimited quota. When the communication station back in normal operation, the system will send data to the server to get the discount, which makes data quota remaining negative.
The company PTT Public Company Limited are demanding a quota system online. Since the old quota system online with the quota limit, making the company PTT Public Company Limited more damage worth several million baht.
The problem with such an idea to improve the new online system of quotas so as not to exceed the quota limit. The storage quota will remain at the base station with information. In the old system, no storage quota remaining. When the station’s communications system crashes, you will not be able to check the balance on their quotas. The new online system of quotas has been used actually works well is completed.

keyword: Web Server


This project aims to develop zabbix network monitoring Nipa Company Limited network monitoring Be aware issue before issue occurrence or perceptionIn Which the problem occurs Or to recognize the problem immediately problems occur Which is the most important In order to accelerate the corrected Before it causes damage to the recipient’s service That are not available or there is a delay on the Internet. Including this zabbix network monitor ring So there is the ability to monitor data The net time seconds mark monitor The web with the application (Web Application) To be easy to use and convenient, quick in check. (Web Application)

Keywords: Network monitoring / ZABBIX / Application


Pursuant to the assignment that I have to perform a Cooperate Education at Information Department in faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital. The agency said the service to circulation of computer equipment by allowing users to fill out forms and administrators to make storage data via MS Excel which is inconvenient to the user and hard-to information as well as potential loss of documents.
The study, therefore had the idea to create a database for the service to circulation of computer equipment from MySQL database with phpMyadmin is DBMS tool.
The study was designed, created and tested a database for the service to circulation of computer equipment for use with web application was developed with PHP language for plan to build in the future which provides easy data management, easy search and can create reports.

keyword: circulation / computer equipment / MySQL Database / PHP Language / phpMyadmin

2016 /2559

  • 1. Basketball Game Statistic Application
  • 2. Package Tour Booking System via Internet
  • 3. Temperature and Humidity Control Systems for Mushroom House
  • 4. Web Application for Computer Equipment Management
  • 5. Application of Raspberry Pi for Heater Control


This project presents a development of a program for using on the tablets to collect the statistical of the basketball game. The application has three main functions: the first one is a function to store contacts, performing adding a list of basketball players. The second is a statistical function performing adding score, rebound, assists, steals, blocks, etc. The last one is a statistics information function performing to show the information obtained from the first and the second functions. Coach and assistant coach can use all of the function to apply for training athletes apart from the competition. The application was developed by using the android studio.

Keywords: Basketball/ Statistic/ Android Studio.


Package Tour Booking System via Internet was developed by using Adobe Dreamweaver program and PHP as development languages. Data are kept on MySQL database. The system is a Website style E-Commerce.

Keywords: Business Tour / Tour Style / Local Tour Business / Customer Behavior / Business Tour Service / Type of Tour Arrangement / Package Tour Creation


This project is to build a mushroom cultivation model. The model consists of four sets of temperature and humidity sensors and controlled by the Arduino board. The system operation when the status is in open state, temperature and humidity sensors and keypad sends the received values to the system. The system always checks for these data and calculate them after receiving. As the condition of the program the command is sent to relay to control heater and water pump. For the automatic system, the data for 9 types of mushrooms are stored in memory. For the experimental, the deviation for humidity is 2.7 percent, and the deviation for temperature is 1.38 percent.

Keywords: Arduino / Humidity and Temperature Control / Mushroom House / Mushroom Cultivation


Information Department in faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital have services the circulation of computer equipment. The storage of data is also a form of paper documents which is hard to manage. Therefore create a the project web application for computer equipment management.
Web application for computer equipment management developed with PHP language with MySQL database by phpMyadmin is DBMS tool. Make a circulation of computer equipment easy and fast which provides easy data management, easy search and can create reports. Also can fast to check the number of computer equipment.
The results of user satisfaction evaluation; average of evaluation scores on database design and management equal 87.2 points, average of evaluation scores on design and layout management equal 89.6 points, average of evaluation scores on usability equal 90.24 points and total for average of evaluation equal 89.01 points.

Keywords: Management / Computer equipment / PHP / MySQL


Nowadays, we are aware of the fact that using an electrical water heater is an essential part of any house, which is commonly used and widely required. However, electric water heaters nowadays still lack the ability to recognize the temperature needs of users when it comes to more than one person, or when they are used in long term periods of time. Accordingly, being able to view some additional and detailed information in regard to the extent of electricity consumption can be crucial and beneficial to both individuals and such device developers. The main focus of the study is on the development of a controlled heater which works based on the ‘Iona technology’ in order to provide a more advanced type of concepts/details that users can read them and get a better idea data about the total usage of the water heater consumption rates and its power or intensity. The main advantage of the developed system in this research, which distinguishes this work from other research previously done in this field, is that it can generate reports based on data communications through the Internet (by using a microcontroller Raspberry pie) while being capable of recording the temperature of hot water to more than just one person.

Keywords: Water Temperature / Water Heater/ Raspberry Pi 3