Coop – Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science

2014 /2557

  1. Cross Domain with Single Sign On System
  2. Siam University Street View System
  3. Furniture Materials Management System of MongkolSiam Furniture Shop
  4. Boonyarit Training Center Data Management System
  5. Banana Rib Hobbyhorse
  6. AIS Base-Station’s Keys Management System
  7. Maison Jean Philippe Site
  8. IT Support Work Record Program Thai Union Feedmill Co.,Ltd
  9. Digital Signage Manual Website
  10. Android Application for learning Japanese Language
  11. Cartoon Animation Rammakie
  12. Baglisym shop management system
  13. Reverse range sensor applications on android operating system.
  14. Application Shop Management & Customer Navigation in
  15. Conference Room Rental System The Connecion Educuisine
  16. iOS Application for Computer Science Department
  17. ABC for Augmented Reality ( ABC Funny )
  18. Threeradech Car service Management System
  19. Web Based Instruction English For 1
  20. Information systems with in organization case study
  21. Mobile Commerce with Augmented Reality Technology
  22. Gas Station Management System Case study Kanokkarn
  23. MyRide Application on Android Platform
  24. Sale Promotion System with Location Based Service Technology
  25. Online Management Information System Of Sport
  26. Android Application for Computer Science Department of Asset Management System for Chulalongkorn University’s Center 
  27. Information Management System of Thepphadung
  28. Online Printed T-Shirt Shop
  29. News and Promotion Management System Case Study Villa Market Ratchapruek
  30. Product Management Website of C.S.W. Autowork Limited Partnership
  31. Verify Update Doctor System
  32. Member System
  33. Cyber POS Restaurant Clexpert (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  34. Selenium IDE Program Guide Website
  35. Design and Develop Website for Createx house Co., Ltd
  36. E-learning for Clone Harddisk of Bangkok Software & Co.,Ltd.
  37. Accounting Management Program for Software House Three G Software Company Limited
  38. Application of Car Maintenance Service on Android Platform
  39. Computer Customization Utility On Android Platform
  40. Assets Management System
  41. Instruction media Logo Blocks Program Bangkok Software Co.,Ltd.
  42. 3D Advertising Media in JC-M Shop System
  43. National Research Management Webservice System
  44. WonderChild Thailand Website
  45. E-Learning Managements and Method System
  46. Staff Training Database System
  47. Web Site Configuration Solid Server
  48. Online Risk Assessment System
  49. First All Service Time (FAST)

2015 /2558

  1. Thai Traditiord Dramatic Performance Costroom Lerding System Aumnuay PungAmnac
  2. KTC Arena Football Online Booking System
  3. Store Mangement System
  4. Jolipop Product Management System
  5. Online Leave Management System
  6. Online food Ordering & Restaurant Management System
  7. Planning and Control weight System on Platform Android
  8. Bicycle inventory management system
  9. Online Inventory Management System
  10. Information Management System
  11. Truck Rental Management System
  12. Siam University Computer Science Curriculum Verification & Validation System
  13. Server Clone of SF Corporation Public Company Limited
  14. Television Production for broadcast
  15. Office 365 On Cloud
  16. Time Attendance Application on Mobile Platform
  17. Introduction Work Process of Amarin Printing
  18. Interactive Media Introduction of Yannix
  19. Website Absolute Consult Solution Co.,LTD.
  20. Manual maintenance of the IT Online
  21. News and Promotion Application on Android
  22. Car Service Application on Android Platform
  23. Event organizer assistant application on Android platform
  24. Location Based Service And Social Network For Promote Restaurant
  25. Information Management System Care Study Skin Diseases Clinic Bangphlat
  26. Electronic Commerce System Platinumbike Store
  27. FUJI PET SHOP Management System
  28. Augmented Reality of Building Siam University
  29. Automated Humidity and Temperature Control System for Croppi
  30. Don’t Die Game On Android Operation System
  31. Electronic Commerce System of LOOP Fashion Shop
  32. Food Ingredient and Nutrition Management System
  33. Maemai Muay Thai and Lukmai Muay Thai martial art with Augme
  34. Manage Aprtment System for Flourish Villa
  35. Music Studio Management System System Tiger Mafia Music
  36. Online Ballroom Reservation System
  37. Online Bus Reservation System And Notification on Android
  38. Online Inventory Management System
  39. Online Order Management System on Android Platform
  40. PaiTeaw application on Android Platform
  41. Resident Door Lock Control With Application on Android
  42. Resident Security System with Application on Android Platform
  43. Smart Farm System
  44. Stock Hardware Computer Application On Android Platform
  45. The War of Revolt Game
  46. Motorcycle Accessories Virtual Simulation System
  47. Storage Management System
  48. Develop website  Gouremet house
  49. Develop website prototype of the excise department
  50. Images upload systems
  51. Quotation system
  52. Siriraj e-learning and education community
  53. Web application for inventory management
  54. Website absolute consult solution co ltd.
  55. Website financial information management house for rent
  56. Alumni information management system with social network technology
  57. Application perdto vocalist on android platform
  58. Approval project of istore on web application
  59. Electronic manual on android platform for internship student
  60. Internal process management system of mitmaya co ltd.
  61. MIS helpdesk
  62. Mobile gallery application on android platform
  63. Point of sale application on ios platform
  64. Racer electric thailand co ltd. library system
  65. Search for intelligent computing systems
  66. Service and development pohtecktung website
  67. Site to site ipsec virtual private network
  68. Statistic management system of Thailand yellowpages
  69. Statistics system
  70. Website pet dee care
  71. Website that give information about network

2016 /2559

  1. Applying social network technology by online class room
  2. Automotive sale management system of Siamsun Autosale Co. Ltd
  3. Computer repair online service case study Jjl computer
  4. Course evaluation system of Siam University
  5. Electronic commerce system of Grace shop
  6. Electronic commerce system of the Little Eyes Glasses Shop
  7. Glass aluminum training management system case study learning center
  8. Inventory management system
  9. Jigsaw puzzle game
  10. Management pathfinder and return parts
  11. Online car and driver reservation and announcement system
  12. P5 management inventory management system
  13. The loafer game on Android operation system
  14. Wind up adventure game in the tale on android operation system
  15. A Study of Wordbee-Translator Program
  16. Booking System Management
  17. Officer and Cost Information Record System
  18. Paper Management Web Application
  19. Website Command Prompt of Provincial Electricity Authority
  20. Website Guide teaches the basic budget management system
  21. Website mentor

  • 1. Amulet Market Center Application on Android Platform
  • 2. Electronic Commerce System of Libya Homemade Bakery
  • 3. Electronic Commerce System Of The Farmer Fresh Shop
  • 4. Learning Management System
  • 5. Midfield Fc. Web Application
  • 6. Panicha Leave Online System
  • 7. Production Management System Machinery Online SBK Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • 8. Project Organize Management System Case study A-Gape Consulting (Thailand) Company Limited
  • 9. Timesheet System Numplus Company Limited
  • 10. Zealot Game On Android Operating System
  • 11. Trading systems and the design of sneakers online Case study
  • 12. Siam U Shoot ‘Em Up Game On Android Operation System
  • 13. Information Management System Product The Eight Company Limited


The Amulet Market Center application on an Android platform has been developed as an alternative to the amulet, lucky charm collectors and those who are interested because they neither know where the amulet markets are nor the exact business hours for amulet venders, making it difficult to plan a trip to find the desire product. Location Based Service (LBS) technology was developed to be used in the application to facilitate the user. When the user launches the application, and comes close to the area of ??an amulet market that is recorded in the system, the system will alert the users to tell them their coordinates and navigate them to the amulets market in the area. The application also lets users save venders to be revisited at a later time. JAVA and Android Studio program were also used in the application with the Web Service written with PHP. Database management is done using MySQL. This helps to reduce the vendor search process and increases the amulet, lucky charm sales channels as another option Keywords: amulet market, android, application


The Libya’s is a home bakery shop selling made-to- order cakes and bakery products via online channel. Facebook is used as a main channel to communicate with customers. The customers inquiry and order are sent via Facebook messenger. However, communication through social media has often caused miscommunication and misunderstanding. As a result, some customers orders are forgotten or incorrectly fulfilled. The social media is not equipped with customer data management system. So, customers ordering process is complicated and taking a long time. Therefore, the researchers introduced web apps technology and database systems to help manage customer data and increasing the efficiency of the ordering processes. The data is stored on database for easy access and data organization. The application is user-friendly and can display products images and details, so the customer is well informed about the products. Moreover, the application allows customers to directly communicate and place their order to the vender. Both the vendor and customers can view order details from the same source. The tools used in this development are Netbeans IDE and Editplus. The software used in managing database is MySQL. This development will add new sales channel for the Libya’s homemade bakery.

Keywords: Cake and Bakery, Electronic Commerce, Libya’s homemade bakery


The Products Information Management Systems of The Eight Republic Co., Ltd. has been developed to solve the problem of the lack of system. There is data redundancy, lack of product management and shipping is difficult. By developing a system to manage the product more systematically, information technology is used to help in the management of product information to facilitate inspection. There are also mobile applications on the Android operating system to facilitate customers to buy other products from the company. In developing the use of PHP, Java script and Android studios, it has been used by My SQL to manage product information. It is useful in solving the problem of product management system of the company. Finally, it can also check back on trading data and facilitate the display of maps to deliver more goods to customers.

Keywords: Product management / Information Systems / The Eight Republic Co., Ltd / Android.


Modern business operations need to be convenient, rapid, and performable online. Web applications are another popular channel among business people. Web applications can be used for public relations, sales, and advertisement. It also assists business operation to be more effective. This study aims to develop an online-learning management system by using a web application system. Current technology helps to develop system effectiveness, and supports changes that may occur in the future. Examples of current technology include Code Igniter, Bootstrap, jQuery, Web Service, and Database System. Languages that were used to develop the system were PHP, HTML5, CSS, and Java Script. The results of the development and testing found that the system is able to manage, create courses, and examinations, and upload learning material videos as per request of instructors. The instructors can make a payment via an online system.

Keywords: Sell and purchase online courses, Online teaching, Online study,


Nowadays, clients must call or contact directly by themselves to make reservations and rent football fields, Midfield Fc. Therefore, it’s waste of time and the staff of football field, Midfield Fc, record details of reservation in a notebook which causes the problem with checking and searching for information for reservations and rentals of football field. Also, it causes lateness and has risk of losing information. Therefore, the manipulators have an idea to bring current computer technology to develop management system of reservations and rentals of football field, Midfield Fc, via browser to make it more convenient for reservations and rentals. Moreover, there is no loss of information or incorrect information. MySQL Server is used to set up the database system and Xampp is used to do the application. Furthermore, other management systems are improved such as membership systems, recording details of reservations and rental systems, calculation of rental fees systems and other services which his helps staff to work conveniently and quickly.

Keyword: reservation of football / online reservation of football field / football field


Panicha Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and sells steel of several types, such as any types of steel and metals. The company has a typical leave system for employees, by letting them fill in the leave form and submit it to their supervisors for approval, and then send to human resource department for document control. To see the record of employees leave and available leave, they have to search through the paper documents only and the employees cannot see it by themselves. The leave online system, a case study of Panicha Co., Ltd., is developed to solve this problem by using PHP language and manage data by program named My HQL and developed in shapes of internet which can record and fill in leave information by employees themselves. Also, there are also notifications so that the supervisors can approve the requests, which is very convenient for the users.

Keywords: Leave form/ PHP / Panicha Co., Ltd.


SBK Machining Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of machines, making teaching aids, such as water bottles, oil bottles, gallons, etc. The current storage device for the production of machines that are in the shipping details, materials, etc., are recorded in the format of paper, which has often encountered problems with storing data and they are not organized. Searching for information is difficult, there are no reporting system that is clear. Therefore, the Group has developed an online system for machinery production management work over the network on the Internet. By applying technology to Web applications and database systems in operation offers convenient operation and much easier. The information recorded is accurate. Run the production circumstances Print Manager can manage, quote, and submit your material handling as well as convenient, and more accurate.

Keywords: SBK machining Co.,Ltd/ Equipment manufacturers/ lack of production machinery


A-Gape Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is in the business of information technology and complex problem-solving services to meet the highest demands of customers. There will be a project leader to manage the work within the company, take care of all tasks ranging from reception until the project is completed.  There are quite a few complicated procedures and documents that take time to administer.  Therefore, it may not be possible to thoroughly supervise every project so there may be mistakes to the point of affecting all projects within the company. A-Gape Consulting (Thailand)Co., Ltd. has developed information systems for project management as a tool to manage the work plan and assignments to the team members to correctly and effectively manage work and control the project within the company. The Visual Studio 2015 program developed by using and C+ language was used as a tool to allow the project leader to better allocate work within the team.  Additionally, the system also supports multiple projects, resource and time allocation, error reduction in the team, problem reporting, and guidelines for operation to be in the same direction

Keywords: Project Management. / Visual Studio Program / A-Gape Consulting (Thailand)Co., Ltd.


Numplus Company Limited is a leading company providing website development and development services including web hosting, web hosting promotions, web hosting services and provided integrated IT services. The Numplus Company Limited will keep the data record on daily work and report weekly to the staff for a report of each week’s work. The reports are in paper form and original documents will be recorded daily by the employees through the internet by filling out the form instead of taking notes on paper. The system was developed so it can help to collect and store all documents in a systematic way and can be searched and viewed at any time. This reduces the cost of document storage and prevents data loss. In the design and development of the system, the developer uses the PHP and Java script language and SQL to manage the company’s data, when using the system to help in the search and easily to store personal data. It also saves space, save time and reduces the errors from working and it is just operation more efficiency and work less.

Keywords. Report / Numplus Company Limited / Internet.


Zealot Game (Guardian World Defender) on Android Operating system is a game developed using virtual reality technology (Augmented Reality) and the game is single player. Animation is shown and the battle is in the form of virtual stereoscopic character. The game characteristics is simulating events from space and aliens coming from each star. The main task is to attack and dodge obstacles. To play, players will mark the camera through the camera, and move to the target to hit the attack button. The highest score is kept to show statistics. In Zealot Game development, we developed with the Unity Cube and C sharp tool. Hopefully the game will protect the world’s giants will entertain. Open view on AR technology games have an alternative.

Keywords: Augmented Reality / Model / First-Person Shooter : FPS


Nowadays the Internet is regarded as another popular alternative to trading. Ecommerce has been accepted by the customer. The occurrence happened many online business Web site notot is one of the combos, Taiteen websites that conduct business in trading brand sneakers that location. The customer can choose to purchase from a Web site with shipping and tracking status. Also featured, in addition to trading via the Web site, customers can also design and decorate the shoes according to the needs of their own from the system. In developing the system, developers have to use JavaScript language and using the database manager MySQL, makes management information on the website, there are more systems that assist with result in the market and adds more revenue that satisfies customer product needs.

Keywords: e-commerce/ online business/ JavaScript


Siam U Shoot ‘Em Up Game is on the android platform. This game uses new technology call virtual reality which humans engage within a virtual world. IT is meant to feel like the player in the event in a single player game. The game content allows the player to play a role in a fight against enemy demons. There are various flags and effects within the game to enhance the experience. Players can play with appropriate head-mounted hardware, have a screen for their eyes that allows them to visualize the game in a three-dimensional manner, and when there is movement, images respond and will be adapted to such motion. By using scenes inside Siam University, the game simulates a fight where there is a total of 4 checkpoints, however, if the player is hit by an enemy, it results in death and the game will stop playing. Players can choose whether to continue playing or stop playing. If stopped, the system will stop the score. Developed by the C-Sharp and unity program the collection of points in the form of a text file. The objective in developing this game is to mimic the virtual reality to entertain the players just like in the real world.

Keywords: Siam U Shoot ‘Em Up / Virtual Reality / Android


The Products Information Management Systems of The Eight Republic Co., Ltd. has been developed to solve the problem of the lack of system. There is data redundancy, lack of product management and shipping is difficult. By developing a system to manage the product more systematically, information technology is used to help in the management of product information to facilitate inspection. There are also mobile applications on the Android operating system to facilitate customers to buy other products from the company. In developing the use of PHP, Java script and Android studios, it has been used by My SQL to manage product information. It is useful in solving the problem of product management system of the company. Finally, it can also check back on trading data and facilitate the display of maps to deliver more goods to customers. Keywords: Product management / Information Systems / The Eight Republic Co., Ltd / Android.

2017 /2560

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Co-op – Bachelor of Computer Science

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