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Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge:
Sky lounge is the restaurant directly administrated by international hotel and tourism management department of Siam University with the help of its faculty students. It’s the place where students of hotel and tourism faculty actually exercise their potential to understand the hotel industry of Thailand. The restaurant is located at 19th Building, 8th Floor just at the right hand side of the elevator. The restaurant is the perfect example of what should be called a “decorative place with beauty and luxury”. It’s one of the best architectures of the university. The restaurant has the capacity to serve more than 100 visitors inside and outside the lounge of the restaurant at the same time.
The restaurant mainly serves Thai and western style food items but it also offers cultural dishes for almost all students belonging to different cultures and nationalities like the sometimes it serves Indian curry for Indian students, Chinese noodles for Chinese students and so on.
The restaurant has famous chefs from oriental, Hilton and Shangri-La, Bangkok, Roti Boy from Malaysia to serve the best quality food to all stakeholders of Siam University with cheap price starting from just 60 baht. The food that is served in this restaurant can be easily compared with any popular restaurant of Bangkok because of its rich ingredients and superior quality.
The restaurant provides a wide range of services to all students, teachers and management staff from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on all working days except weekends and public holidays.
The restaurant mostly provides two to three dishes per day because of its low budget, sales turnover and human resource availability.
The Restaurant offers mainly following items:
Spicy Chicken Soup
Clear Soup with Tofu
Spicy Soy Protein with Basil
Fried Noodle with Chicken/Pork
Fried rice with fried egg and clear soup
Steamed egg with brown sauce
Stir fried with mix vegetable
Fish and Chip with Salad
Thai Omelet with Pork
French Fries
Green Curry with Pork
Chocolate Cakes
Blueberry Cakes
All kinds of breads
Soft Drinks
Coffee (All Types)
Thai Tea
Thai Tea with Milk
Red and White Wine on Special Occasions.

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