Student life

[1] Unique Destination

Spice up your student life by studying in the Land of Smile for a semester or for an entire degree! Develop borderless networks of friends and collect unforgettable memories from an exotic place! International students at Siam University have plenty of opportunities to experience the unique culture of Thailand and its Southeast-Asian neighboring countries, which is reflected in every aspects of life including education and business. Many business administration students have chosen to come to Thailand to take advantage of the unique internship opportunities available in some of the finest hotels and airlines of the world.

[2] Relevant Course Offering

SIAM offers international students with a complete cycle of studies in business administration, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, thus answering the ever-increasing needs for competent human resources and leaders in today’s global market.

Our faculty includes a number of business gurus, practitioners and scholars. Based on American model of business education, our curriculum has been designed to reflect the dynamism of today’s business world. In addition areas and cultural studies and activities are offered to perfect your learning experience.

[3] High Expectations!

Undertaking university studies means that you have high expectation for your future. SU is here to help you in laying solid foundation for your future and help you make the transition to your career life. It has a track record of award-winning students and successful alumni. For many of them SU is a real rewarding experience.

Some students land the job they always dreamed about, others are accepted in world-class universities to further their studies. They leave SU with a lifelong network of international friends.

[4] Research & Innovation

SU believes that creativity and free expression of one’s talents is key to achieving excellence. Members of faculty provide tools and resources to assist students in making broad use of their inquisitive potential. Instructors make use of term projects, such as the creation of business plan, case studies and other problem-based learning methods.

These efforts are regularly rewarded with concrete achievements: some research articles are published in international referee journals; students win awards and even get their inventions patented; and some are awarded scholarship and grants.

It is no wonder therefore that many universities worldwide have entered into a collaboration relationship with SU in order share resources, faculty and students.

[5] Dynamic Life-Style

Various activities are organized throughout the year such as cheer leader and sport contests, an inter-cultural day, Chinese Spring Festival, Songkran-water Festival, Loy Krathong, Christmas and New Year. Also joining the field trips; seminars; fairs; contests; and various festivals celebrations.

Getting involved in club activities and volunteering offer students yet another opportunity to express their ideas, develop new skills, socialize and relax.

Many students also seize the opportunity to help as short-term staff during conferences and trade fairs organized in Bangkok, thus gaining valuable insight on the business world and their future career.

[6] Affordable

Studying at SIAM is financially attractive as tuition fees are very competitive and the cost of living in Thailand is more affordable than most other destinations of comparable living standards. That is good value for money, which makes this a worthwhile learning experience. Many students choose to do part of their studies here before moving on to continue their graduate studies in leading institutions of the US and Europe.

[7] International Exposure

Study at SU if you are looking for a truly international experience. Located at the cross-road of Asia, Bangkok is a truly cosmopolitan city where cultures mingle in a colorful global community. Numerous international organizations such as the United Nations and UNESCO have their offices in the city.

The university enjoys one of the largest international campus communities in Thailand. Some 300 students from abroad are currently enrolled in classes taught by instructors from Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

Also SIAM graduates have the advantage to join a global network of alumni upon graduation.

[8] First-Class Facilities

Apart from learning from qualified professors, students thrive in their studies when they have access to an exhaustive library; fully-functional classrooms; up-to-date equipment and a friendly campus.

Students at SU enjoy 5-star classrooms and auditoriums. They have access to hundreds of thousands of printed and electronic publications at the central library, digital media; broadband internet.

The campus features cozy study corners; rest areas; gardens; convenience stores; a bank; a post office and many cafeterias and food outlets.

[9] Unique Encounters

Each year, SU invites world leading experts and scholars to address the student community on current topics and world issues. These seminars brings added value to students’ academic life. And each year, SIAM organizes and celebrates United Nations International Day of Peace during 21 September in collaboration with Siam University Graduate Dept. of Arts in Peace and Diplomacy studies.

Recently, Nobel Prize laureate Prof. R. Mundell delivered a speech on the timely topic: “Fitting Globalization into the National Economic Development strategy”, and Dr. Fidel V. Ramos, former President of the Republic of the Philippines, gave a speech on the subject, “Education, Education, and Education for a Better Future”.