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Visa Support

The International Office, located on the ground floor of Building 2, assists international students in the applying for student visa renewals.

Student visa (non-immigrant ED) are valid for one year, except the first time you apply, when it is valid for 3 months only.

Six weeks before your visa expires, you must submit your application documents to Mr. Wisit’s office in order to apply for a one-year visa extension.

Once Mr. Wisit receives all your documents, he will send a letter to the immigration authorities certifying that you are continuing your academic studies in Thailand.

In turn, the authorities will issue a letter allowing you to extend your visa for another year, which should be ready within 3 weeks.

When the letter is ready, you will need to go in person to the immigration office with the necessary documents (passport, letter from SU, letter from government, fee, etc.) and finalize your visa application.  Within a few days your visa will be renewed.

The extension fee is 2,000 Baht.

NOTE: if you entered Thailand with a tourist visa, and now need to obtain a non-immigrant visa in order to study at Siam University, you must leave the country and apply from abroad at a Thai Consulate.

Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for up-to-date details:

For more information please contact

Mr. Wisit 12th floor 19th Building.

Khun Ta 9th Floor 19th Building.