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SIAM provides a full academic, social, multi-cultural experience. Embrace university life and embark on one of the most exciting chapters of your life!

Siam has welcomed international students for over 10 years in its two undergraduate programs which use English as medium of instruction.

SU provides a full academic, social, multi-cultural experience. Embrace university life and embark on one of the most exciting chapter of your life.

A New Home

SU wants your new home to be as comfortable as possible. For this reason the university provides on-campus services and facilities that help make students feel at home: canteens and restaurants, convenient stores, a bookstore, a bank, several ATMs, copy centers, etc.

International Student Center (ISC)

The International Student Center (ISC) provides assistance and support in areas such as lodging; airport transfer on arrival; orientation of newly arrived students; advising and counseling; extra-curricular activities; internship and job placements; and more. The staff speaks English, Chinese, Thai and French.

The center is located in building 19 on the 9th floor.

Course Registration

Undergraduate students enroll in at least 12 credits and no more than 21 credits per semester. The course registration period is published on the academic calendar and is usually scheduled 1 month prior to the beginning of the next semester. Students must meet with their advisor to receive suggestions about the selection and sequence in which to register courses and complete their studies.

Advising & Counseling

A full-time faculty is assigned to every student for support and counseling to help students make the best of their academic experience. The advisor may suggest a customized plan of study or participation in certain activities to fit the specific needs of each individual.

Grading & Examination

SU uses a letter grading system similar to the one in the US. Two or more tests including mid-term and final examinations are scheduled each semester. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.00 for a bachelor’s degree completion and 3.00 for a master’s and doctoral degree.

Internet & E-mail

Internet and Internet services have always been important tools in students’ academic lives. Students receive an internet and e-mail account at the time of admission.

Central Library

The central library is located in building 12. It contains hundreds of thousands of printed and electronic publications in Thai and English languages. Some publications are also available in other languages such as French, Chinese and Japanese. Students can borrow publications on presentation of their matriculation card.

Career Center

International students can obtain useful information and advises concerning job and internship placement at the International Student Center (ISC).

VIP Guest Speakers

Seminars by VIP guest speakers from all around the globe are scheduled every year. Check the announcements section on SU website for details about upcoming events.

Student Volunteering

SU provides ample opportunity to make a difference: managing clubs; editing newsletters; tutoring kids; etc.



University instructors are more than scholars and practitioners: they are also mentors and facilitators who constitute an invaluable bridge to knowledge and professional expertise.

SU faculty members come from various countries and cultures. Together they represent a wide array of academic disciplines and work practices.

Through case studies and term project students have the possibility to benefit from faculty’s unique insight and experience. Students may seize the opportunity to participate in a research projects or articles with their professor to further immerse themselves in cutting-edge ideas, gaining additional competency in view of their future career.


Student accommodation is readily available in the campus vicinity at very affordable price. Rooms are usually furnished. Monthly rent ranges from 1,500 B to 12,000 B.

Siam University Campus Map


  1. Administration building
  2. Classrooms building (bldg. 2): bank; post office; language laboratories, teachers’ offices, bookstore, health center, bank, International Business Faculty
  3. Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit Memorial Building (bldg. 3): computer laboratories, hotel and tourism operating room, purchasing department
  4. student union building; 7-Eleven convenience store; guidance, counseling and student loan office
  5. Thai Pavilion (bldg. 4): cafeteria; cultural center, television studio, physics laboratories, multimedia production house
  6. Engineering workshop; Printing Institute; automotive engineering hall (bldg. 5, 6, 9, 11)
  7. Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Science; Faculty of Nursing (bldg. 12-14): classrooms; laboratories and offices
  8. Royal Majesty Jubilee Building (bldg. 12): central library / 1,500-seat auditorium / cafeteria / Siam media complex
  9. 30th Anniversary Building (bldg. 15): IT center; main computer laboratory; classrooms
  10. Main Cafeteria: Thai, Japanese; Korean food
  11. Building 18: Dept. of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
  12. Golden Jubilee Building (bldg. 19): University Council Conference Room, Office of the President, Office of Graduate Schools, University Theater, Siam Heritage Lounge, a small demonstration hotel, a 700-car parking garage, research center, lecture rooms and additional Placement Division services.
  13. Siam University Sports Complex: air-conditioned fitness center, full-sized basketball, volleyball, badminton courts and table tennis facilities, mockup courtroom.
  14. The Elephant Gate: multi-functional plaza