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President message - Pornchai Mongkhonvanit

President’s Message

The world is becoming more advanced everyday through sustainable development, and as long as change is pervasive, transformation remains constant. There are three ways of attaining a sustainable development which can be economy, environment, and society. By the means of globalization; internationalization and modernization can be obtained which a society prospers. This is what we are striving for is a society to be a good figure of sustainable development for the rest of the world.

Our mission is to give our students the best and assist them to attain an education at its peak. We are also on a mission of creating an environment of practical education with burden of different kind of modern technologies, where our students will know the differences in key concepts and theoretical meanings taught in their various lectures and establish a link between them.

In our university, we have a good number of resources under our possession that can enable a student to attain any form of life he/she seeks for; including sports house, recreation centers, computer rooms and centers, music and dancing rooms, meeting points and study rooms, high standard and well-decorated libraries and even laboratory rooms, computer centers, and other facilities a highly respected institution can offer. We also have adequate facilities and amenities in every faculty of studies, and we possess a wide range of modern technologies in each and every department. In contrast, our university is at the same educational standard, including qualified staffs and professional lecturers with vast academic excellence, compared with other accredited universities abroad. We are strongly recognized by the affiliations of the IAU, ARTDO, AUAP, EUHOFA, GUNI, and ASAIHL.

Due to these massive developments, we ensured that the necessary equipment and facilities are provided and maintained to help students in their respective future careers. It’s also the responsibility of the university to make sure that the academic needs are fully met and well attended for the betterment of the students.

As the president of this institution, it will always be a great honor for me to welcome you into our university. It will also be a privilege for me to be part of your academic life at Siam University. And, I will be solely delighted to have you in our midst.

Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit