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Student Academic Performance Policy

Students are required to understand the Academic Performance Policy at Siam University to maintain professional and courteous conduct throughout their academic studies at Siam University. Respect for students, faculty and administrative staff is required at all times. Siam University’s moral and ethical code will be strictly enforced.

Since this is an international program, you are expected to speak only English while studying. Active participation in your classes is required.

Normal Course Load

Student’s course load may vary with student’s individual circumstances. To maintain full-time status a student must enroll in at least 4 courses (12 credit hours) per semester. The maximum number of courses is 7 (21 credit hours) per semester.

Special permission must be obtained in order to enroll in 8 or more courses:

  • Written permission from the Program Director concerned if they are senior graduating students or junior and senior students with a cumulative GPA of more than 3.25 and a valid reason.
  • In all other cases, written permission of the Program Director is required.


Students are expected to attend all classes. A minimum of 80% attendance is mandatory. There are no authorized cuts from classes. Irregular attendance may result in you losing the right to sit for the final examination of the respective subjects for which you were excessively absent (e.g. absent more than 20% of the classes).

In case of unavoidable absences, such as illness or accident or serious illness or death of a family member, all work missed due to the student’s absence must be satisfactorily made up. The responsibility for completing the outstanding work rests with the student. Unavoidable absences must be properly documented with an attending physician’s certificate from a duly registered hospital. Failure to provide proper documentation may result in a non-excused absence.


There are two examination periods per semester: the mid-term and final examinations. It may happen that some teachers choose not to have a mid-term examination.

All registered students will automatically be listed for the exam for the classes they have enrolled for. The lists are displayed on the announcement boards in front of building 3. Should the name of a student not appear on the exam schedule for a class he/she has enrolled for, one should contact the registration office at the earliest in order to solve the problem.

Students are required to present their student ID for proper identification when taking an exam. The use of mobile phones is not allowed during the time a student sits for an exam.

All registered students must take the exam on the date and time the exam is scheduled. Should you not be able to take the exam at the time it is scheduled because of an important matter, please inform the Program Director.

If you become ill during an exam, and are unable to continue, you should inform the instructor proctoring the exam before leaving the classroom. The proctor will inform the relevant instructor who may decide to assign you an incomplete grade (I), so that you may write the exam later. You should be aware that an instructor will not automatically grant an incomplete grade. The decision may be affected by whether you have made good progress with the course material during the term.