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Grading Description

A Excellent 4.00
B+ Very Good 3.50
B Good 3.00
C+ Fair 2.50
C Satisfactory 2.00
D+ Poor 1.50
D Pass 1.00
F Failure 0.00
S Satisfactory (noncredit)
U Unsatisfactory (noncredit)
W Withdrawal
AU Audit (non-credit)
I Incomplete
P Work in progress
NR No Report


Letter Grades are used to show the academic standing of a student. The following are the grades, meanings of the grades and the values of the grades issued by this University:

The student’s grades are computed at the end of each semester. The student is graded for his/her work during the semester. This includes quizzes, term papers, book reports, assignments, recitation, class participation, attendance, midterm examinations, and final examinations.

Grades are accessible online with the use of the student’s ID (www.siam.edu).

Withdrawal (W) grade: assigned by the instructor upon official withdrawal from class (see Course Add/Withdrawal). Non-failure.

Incomplete (I) grade: indicates that the semester’s work is incomplete. “I” grades are granted at the instructor’s discretion. “I” grades revert to “F” if change is not made within the following term.

Two or more tests, including mid-term and final examinations, are given each semester. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.00 for a bachelor’s degree completion and 3.00 for a master’s and doctoral degree.

Students can check their grades online by logging on the Registrar Department web site: http://home.sis.siam.edu/registrar/home.asp?lang=2.

Class Enrollment and Attendance

Undergraduate students are required to enroll in at least 12 credits/hour but no more than 21 credits/hour per semester. Graduate students are required to take between 9 to 15 credits hour. The process of registration must be completed before the class starts.

Candidates for the bachelor’s degree must complete the minimum of 120-150 credits. Undergraduate candidates must maintain their grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 or better on a sale of four points in order to achieve their degree. Candidates for master’s degree must complete a minimum of 36 credits with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 on the scale of four points. The doctoral degree program requires candidates with a bachelor’s degree to complete a minimum of 72 credits hour while master’s degree holders must complete the program with a minimum of 48 credits. In Thailand, 80% class attendance is required in order to be eligible to sit for final exams.

Appeals of Grades

A student who believes that a faculty member arbitrarily set his/her grades and that these do not represent his/her actual performance in that subject should…