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Knowledge About Your Career Choice


As your career begins the global economy continues to expand, the demand for international business graduates is higher and continues to increase, the number of courses offered in international business program is evidence of the increased in demand for quality and accredited education. This program has become one of the most common programs in Asia as a whole more especially South East Asia. In the business industries, there are a good number of challenges facing the expansion of businesses between borders; language difficulties and cultural differences, but the establishment of this program offers every student the opportunity to learn and gain enough knowledge in multi-cultural etiquette that surrounds the business environment.

The curriculum for international business degrees comprises a wide range of management courses, business culture, business law and taxation, economics and marketing. You will learn how to conduct business worldwide.

Why you should study international business and what you will gain?

  • An international business degree prepares you to compete in the global market;
  • You are assured of a better knowledge in business culture and moral behavior in the larger social community.
  • You will gain a greater command in conducting business across boundaries;
  • You will have multiple career options depending on the particular field in the Program you specialize on.
  • You will gain a good sense of social responsibility, and management skills that will help you develop businesses and financial skills.
  • The program contains quality education with special emphasis on the international aspects of Business Administration. Is all yours to gain.
  • Increases your potential and competitive edge in the job market with all courses in the program conducted in the English language-the language of international business-thus, establishing a vital link with the international business community.
  • Enhances yours ability to analyze the increasing synergy and trends in networking and globalization of current international business management and the elements which are vital to successful business operations in the international environment.
  • Instills in your perspectives on cultural aspects such as language, religion, customs, traditions, political practice, as well as local and regional business practices which are at issues in managing and administering international business practices. Our diverse international faculty members and student body will provide you with an excellent opportunity in this respect as well as the opportunity to interact with local business firms.

What Can You Do With a Degree in International Business?

There are several options for you, and these options are opened for every graduate in this particular field;        


  • Financial Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Marketing Executive and Operational Researcher
  • Chartered Management Accountant Retail Manager
  • International Logistics and distribution Manager
  • Management Analyst and Consultant
  • Business Manager and Entrepreneur
  • Human resources Officer


  • International Accountant
  • Systems Analyst
  • International Economist
  • Corporate investment banker
  • International Banker
  • Government Foreign Ministry
  • Import/Export Specialist
  • Sales Executive and Sales Marketer


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