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As a career option, Thailand as One of the leading tourist destinations in South-East Asia has capitalized on its’ strengths in Tourism to offer this program at its best. Students are introduced to this program and will be prepared to enjoy a successful career in the Tourism industry. In the course of this program, students are required to participate in different activities supported by their selected University to engage them in real-life Hospitality situations that will enable them aid transition from the classroom to the boardroom. Such activities can be hotel restaurant displays, participating fully in tourism activities, attending to meetings, and projects special events and shows for the industry.

This degree program does not only prepare students for management positions in several industries. But, it also expands their knowledge to a more advanced level in order to enable them develop new concepts in advertising and marketing; lead in tourism initiatives and conferences.

Why you should study Hotel and Tourism management and what you will gain?

  • It offers various different career options and opportunities;
  • You will gain essential customer service and a strong sense of professionalism;
  • You will get to know the relationship with other tourism industries and how they function and, also establish a link between them;
  • You will have a greater chance to be internationally exposed and intermingle with different tourism sectors both home and abroad;
  • You are rest assured to acquire a distinctive knowledge in this program, more especially management roles;
  • You will develop skills in critical thinking, effective communication;
  • You will gain a lot of knowledge in this program studying in our University, as all courses are taught by lecturers who possesses excellent academic credentials with a strong professional background in this particular field;

What Can You Do With a Degree in International Business?

  • Chef;
  • Marketing Executive;
  • Receptionist and Hotel Manager;
  • Regional Tourism Associations
  • Government Tourism Commissions;
  • Travel Agency Center;
  • Tour Operator;
  • Airlines – Air host/hostess, steward/stewardess, and Cruise lines;
  • Hotel Events Coordinator.


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