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 Below is information on the Admission Procedure for Siam University

  1. Obtain and complete the Application for Admission form QF-03-07 (B 200.00) or complete the online application at the admissions home page. The form is available at the office of the International Program B.B.A. Hotel & Tourism (19-605), bldg. 19, on 6th
  2. Read and sign the Program code of conduct. Signing the student code of conduct means that you accept the terms and conditions applying to all students in the International Program.
  3. Submit the following necessary documents:
    1. Application form (QF-03-07)
    2. Student Code of Conduct
    3. High-school diploma with official transcripts
    4. Photocopy of national ID card
    5. 2 pictures
    6. Certificate[s] and transcripts from previous tertiary education institutes for transfer of credits, if applicable.
  4. Placement test and interview: applicants whose native language is other than English must have an interview in English and take a placement test in order to assess their level of proficiency in English. The Director of the International Program evaluates the application. If selected, the student can then proceed with the course registration. See the Course Registration section below.
  5. Accepted applicants proceed to the admission center located in bldg. 19 on the 1st floor for the payment of the annual university fee (B 5,600.00), upon which the student is issued a receipt that is needed for the next step.
  6. Obtain the university belt and necktie at building 1, near the campus entrance. Admission is complete. You can now proceed with the registration of courses, as well as obtain a temporary student ID card at the registration office in building 12, first floor.

Interested candidates may apply during the following periods:

  • May to July for the First Semester (starting in August)
  • October to November for the Second Semester (starting in January)