For those potential students that wish to apply from abroad, there are a few things we will need to provide you with the proper documentation needed to enter Thailand.  These documents must be turned into your local Thai Consulate or your local Royal Thai Embassy with an application for a NON-Immigrant ED Visa.  Prior to entering Thailand, accepted candidates must obtain a letter from the University to be presented to the proper Thai authorities so that they can obtain a non-immigrant visa (ED). The Immigration Department of Thailand does NOT accept tourist visas for those students wishing to acquire a Student Visa and such students within Thailand may need to return to their home country in order to obtain the proper ‘ED’ visa for study in Thailand.  Please send an email with 3 documents for approval for a letter to study at Siam University:

1.  Color copy of current passport and any pages with visa stamps

2.  Copy of a high school graduate certificate, high school transcript, or current transcript from your college or university

3.  A short essay (minimum 500 words) in English explaining why you wish to study at Siam University and why you wish to come to Thailand.

4.  Applicants from countries other than Thailand who have not graduated from an English medium high school must submit, when possible, the score of a recently passed English Proficiency test such as TOEIC or TOEFL. There is no predetermined minimum score for the TOEFL or TOEIC. Those scoring 325 on TOEIC or more will be exempt from the English Intensive Course requirements.

You can also begin to fill out the application form and follow the instructions on the page.

Please email these documents to us here at ‘Siam University’ with your home address and we will contact you soon.