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Students may add and/or drop one or several courses before the end of the add/drop period for the term, as published in the academic calendar, by filling out and processing an ADD-WITHDRAWAL COURSE form (QF-10-02). Students are entitled to a fifty percent refund for that course and will not get a withdrawal mark (W), as long as they drop the course before the end of the add/drop period for the term. Students who withdraw from a course and add a course in the same time, substituting one for the other, do not need to obtain a refund or make a payment.

The form is available at the Office of the International Program in Hotel and Tourism. Fill it out and have it signed for approval by the Program Advisor. Give the pink voucher to the secretary of the office. Then submit the rest to the registrar office, along with your original courses registration form (daily between 4.30pm and 7.00 pm).