Crispy Fried Spicy Salmon Skin

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Project Title  :  Crispy Fried Spicy Salmon Skin
By                  :  Ms.Lalita Boonnam, Ms.Nantinee Thongorn
Advisor          :  Ms.Nantinee Thongorn
Degree           :  Bechelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             :  Hotel Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  1/2017


Richmond Hotel Rattanathibet was established as a subsidiary of Amornpinthip Company Limited. This hotel focuses on reducing costs, energy saving and adding value to waste. According to the study of the cooperative education by the researchers, the hotel has assignedrotational functions in each department. As a result, the researchers could be aware of problems of each department. The researchers chose the kitchen which was the department that should be resolved the problem as priority. The kitchen of the hotel used a lot of salmons daily. Almost every partof salmons can be consumed, except for salmon skin. Therefore, the researchers had researched to find out relevant information in order to solve the existing problem. The study results can be concluded that the salmon skin should be processed by deep-frying to be served as a new menu. The new menu presented was “Crispy Fried Spicy Salmon Skin”. Herewith, it can help reduce the problem of meat waste in the hotel and maximize the benefit of waste. It also creates a variety and the novelty of food menus of the hotel as well.
To recognize the effect of the crispy fried spicy salmon skin project, the researchers prepared 30 sets of questionnaires to evaluate the respondents’ perceptions toward the crispy fried spicy salmon skin project. The respondents were employees in the related department. The results aged below 20 years were accounted for 9.99%. From the evaluation of the agreement of thisproject, it could be found that the tasters of this menu had the agreement towards adding value tothe raw material with the highest meanxof 4.33 and the agreement towards the optimal rawmaterials with the lowest meanxof 3.77. Both the highest and the lowest agreements were at ahigh level. It represented that this project can be adapted to buffet lines of the hotel actually.


Keywords:  Salmon, Crispy fried salmon skin.

Crispy Fried Spicy Salmon Skin

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand
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