Passion fruit dressing

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Project Title  :  Passion fruit dressing
By                   :  Ms. Jutamas Kanengkrun, Ms. Nantinee Thongorn
Advisor          :  Ms. Nantinee Thongorn
Degree           :  Bechelor of Arts in Hotel Studies
Major             :  Hotel Studies
Faculty          :  Liberal Arts
Semester / Academic year   :  1/2017


The culture of consumption has further in various choices both products in the past and nowadays. Its culture has been originated from many factors such as religious, life style and belief which is adapted to own identity. At present, food has been the important role not only the taste, raw material and value but also religious concerned. According to the participation in the project of multilateral study at the kitchen section of Mercure Ibis Bangkok Hotel, I have realized to the demand of customers in vegetarian style which the hotel has its own service but not in form of Salad Juice. Therefore the section has formulated Salad passion fruit juice for those. Its raw material is Passion fruit which is the remaining of line buffet using to product Salad Juice. It can be alternative of customers. Moreover, Remaining of material can be used for hotel. After produce of Salad passion fruit juice, it must be tasted by staffs of kitchen, food and soft drink, and cleansing section of 30 people having tasted and recommend of it.
After testing, the appreciation is in level of the best and good. According to interview of advisor, it can be assured that Salad passion fruit juice which is produced from remaining of material and reduce the cost. However, the project of Salad juice has been not completed according to the product has not provided to customers for test it.This because it must be recommended to diversify or sales of product.


Keywords:  Passion fruit salad juice, Vegetarian.

Passion fruit dressing

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Siam University, Thailand
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