Web application management

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Project Title  :  Web application management
By                   :  Mr. Thanachai Keitkongkeeree, Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Advisor          :  Miss Janya Yamcharoen
Degree           :  Bachelor of Science
Major             :  Computer Science
Faculty          :  Science
Semester / Academic year   :  3 /2017


CDG Group is a leading provider of integrated information technology system. Most developed systems are government and state enterprises. I, a cooperative education student, was assigned to develop the web application to store and manage data by doing the user interface design part and also coding for database management part. I have developed the system following the software development rules of CDG for maintainability. This application helps the user process to easier, convenient, and rapid.


Keywords:  Database, Relational database, Web application.

 Web application management

Faculty of Science, Siam University, Thailand

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