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English Language is widely used in the world. It’s a Language used in conducting any kind of international businesses. And, most business disputes are settled using the English Language.

In 2003, the English Learning Center (E.L.C.) was established to enhance the level of English proficiency among native Thai students before they graduate from Siam University and enter into the working world. Siam’s president, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, created this directive to promote the university’s standard of excellence and further prepare the student body for international communication in the new millennium. The E.L.C. Staffs qualified native-speakers of English from North America and Europe to instruct comprehensive English, and teaches levels five and six of the six level English curriculums.

A few years later, SIAM established another new English program to assist English learning Center and part-time students who studies in the evenings. The new program, English Laboratory Center (E.L.C) conducts in the areas of Listening and practicing conversational English, and teaches up to six levels of the required levels of English curriculums.

SIAM has set out two different English departments to assist native Thai students with their English language skills.

Functions of the two English departments:-

English Learning Center English Laboratory Center
·      For every Thai students from first to fourth year of their students.

·      Students are expected to complete this program at the final year of their studies.

·      For every first and second year Thai students of Thai programs.

·      Students are expected to finish this program in their third year.

English Learning Center
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00.am – 4:30.pm
Location: Building 19th on the 11th Floor
English Laboratory Center
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday
8:00.am – 4:30.pm
Building 19th on the 12th Floor