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Siam University comprises of Thai and International programs and they share the same academic calendar but operate in different ways. The programs are set in different systems for regulating activities conducted under each program to be in line with the University’s settings.

The International Student Center was established to assist the newly international student at SIAM. The entire International programs in the University both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, respectively, function under the office of International Student Center.

SIAM also recruits students to work in the office of International Student Center (ISC), who is likely to work both inside and outside the university to ensure that the needs of the New Index are met. These students are responsible in supporting the new students with basic information about the University and its vicinity.

Questions about Siam University are welcomed from the new students in the office of the ISC and, petition forms are dispatched in every program under the office of ISC for further clarifications new students might request from the University.

Within this office you can also request documents for visa extensions and invitation letters to attend Siam University.  They can answer any questions regarding visa policy and process at Siam University as well as the requirements for Thailand Immigration Bureau.

The International Student Center (ISC) provides students with the following needs:-

  • Assistance and support in areas such as lodging;
  • Airport transfer on arrival;
  • Orientation of newly arrived students;
  • Advising and counseling; extra-curricular activities;
  • Internship and job placements; and more.
  • Visa extension;
  • Academic plans;

The staff speaks English, Chinese, Thai and French for students who might prefer to be addressed in a different language. And, the pamphlets are printed at the office of the International Student center for international student guidebooks and basic instruction.

International Student Center
Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Location: Building 19 on the 9th floor